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Updated on: July 4, 2022

Looking for a tool to recover data from Mac and not a pro?

Then you are at the right place. Today I’ll be sharing about an amazing tool which will help you in recovering 100% of the data in your Mac without much efforts from your side, which is EaseUS MAC Data Recovery. As the name goes, it delivers an ultra easy interface for recovering data efficiently.


On opening up the EaseUS Data Recovery, it just takes one click for the recovery process to begin. It does that efficiently as it immediately starts with scanning your drive and saving up the important data without any delay. Plus, it has some additional features which help you with the data recovery on larger and more professional scale.

This recovery software is available both for Mac as well as windows interface. The overall experience with both the versions are almost same.


Some features which you will be getting with the software are as follows:

  • Quick Scan
  • Deep Scan
  • Full hard-drive scan
  • Save scan results
  • File preview
  • Add new file type
  • Scan capabilities
  • Deleted/Lost File Recovery
  • Deleted Partition Recovery
  • Corrupted Partition Recovery
  • External Drive Recovery
  • SD Card Recovery
  • Removable Media Recovery
  • RAID Recovery
  • Optical Storage Recovery
  • Customer Support
  • Live Chat

Some additional features which can be used by buying separately are following:

  • Bootable USB Device
  • Cloning
  • Recovery CD

Recovery Process

Next, let us talk about how recovery process works in detail. The first step after opening up the application is picking up a scan location. You can choose to scan any part of the computer, be it anywhere on your internal hard drive or an external disk.


If you are handling with a deleted partition or a non-mounting one, the data recovery Wizard is going to show them as well. Unlike most of the recovery software which needs to run a full hard disk scan first.


After selecting the part where scan has to happen by hitting the “scan” button, Data Recovery wizard will start a quick scan automatically and then subsequently start a deep scan. While the scanning process works, a progress bar is displayed at the top along with the time remaining for the completion of the process.


Once the scanning process is complete, one can browse as well as search the files. Search is pretty convenient as you can search for a name or a file extension (.jpg, .pdf., .txt, etc.)

Files deleted by you personally will be in the folder named “recycle bin.”

So, overall the recovery process is pretty simple and time-saving.


EaseUS for your business

As I said, EaseUS is a great tool which takes care of your data recovery process on a professional level too. For that, one of the most important features is the remote network access. Any of your team members can work immediately on the issue with the help of this feature. Data on the computer of your office network can be scanned and recovered from a remote network, making it easy for you to manage your team. If your business in RAID integrated system, EaseUS works on that interface too.

Customer Support

With EaseUS, you get access to the technical support system via email, phone, and an astounding live chat feature. In the top-right corner of the menu, it has an instant email link for technical support. Other than this, EaseUS’ website has an online guide and user forum.

Other than this, the website has a blog section as well, which is regularly updated with content on data recovery and other similar topics.


After testing EaseUS for recovering my files, I’d recommend you all for using this Mac data recovery software. And the best part, it can be used for windows too. It has simplified the user interface and recovered data efficiently. There are no excessive steps which save up a lot of time. So overall, it’s a UP from my side.You can check out EaseUS here.

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