Recording Google Hangouts Calls on a PC or Mac with Movavi Screen Capture

Updated on: May 5, 2017

As Google Hangouts has matured it has grown into a pretty amazing communications platform, capable of instant messaging, SMS, video chat and voice calls. It is a great way to keep in touch, conduct meetings, or even simply ‘hang out’ – but there is one limitation: While you can go over logs of the messages that you send, the same does not apply to any voice or video calls.

Movavi Screen Recorder

In short if you want to review the contents of a meeting or record an important video call – you can’t do so with the features that Google Hangouts provides. Fortunately there is a way to get around that particular dilemma, and all you need to do is use Movavi Screen Capture to record Google Hangouts calls so that you can save them and review them whenever you please.

Movavi Screen Recorder

As much as that may seem complicated at first, it is actually really easy to set up Movavi Screen Capture to record a Google Hangouts call. To get started you just need to open up the screen recorder and set the capture frame so that it encompasses the call that you want to record. That can be done by either drawing a frame over the call using the mouse cursor, or choosing one of the presets that are listed.

When you want to record a Google Hangouts call it is going to be important to capture both the incoming and outgoing audio, so you should set Movavi Screen Capture to record audio from both the system audio and your microphones. To do that just make sure both the appropriate icons are highlighted, and you should be good to go.

Movavi screen recorder

Once Movavi Screen Capture is set up, you can start recording at any time using the on-screen controls. There is a 5 second delay when you start recording, so time the start of the Google Hangouts call accordingly. At any time you want you can pause, resume or stop the recording with the on-screen controls or hotkeys.

When you do stop the recording, it will automatically be saved as a MKV format video and a preview window will pop up so you can review the footage that was captured. Within that preview window you will be able to cut and trim out any unwanted bits, and can then save the video in any format you like – or by using the presets that are available.

While you probably don’t need further instructions, you could click to visit Movavi website to get some if you like. All in all the best thing for you to do is to just jump right in and try recording a Google Hangouts call so that you can see how simple it is.

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