ReclaimMe: DeletedFile DataRecovery Software for HDD, RAID, Memory Card

December 28, 2013

Digital devices created revolutionary changes in our daily lifestyle. If you consider your digital device as heart then storage of same is our brain. Which always persist our data perfectly. Many time we accidentally wipe out some important data from our hard disk, memory card or RAID storage etc. So to recover this data quickly is hardly impossible for newbie who have less knowledge of computer systems. Now question is do we have to invite some technician to recover our data? Absolutely no ! their is ultimate solution available  to recover your data easily using lightweight application.

Hard disk repair tool

ReclaiMe is one of the good and lightweight data recovery application available for windows platform which has capability to recover various data from heterogeneous file systems.We know that data recovery of external/internal storage can be done from many tools but ReclaiMe do this task very perfectly and precisely thats why it standout in market, its totally different than other ordinary data recovery software.



ReclaiMe recover data from any RAW filesystem which is in good condition. It also have ability to recover data from physically damaged hard drive by creating disk images.

ReclaiMe support almost many file allocation structures like FAT, exFAT, UfsBE and UfsLE, Ext, NTFS, ReFS, HFS, HFSPlus,XFS etc, which indicate that ReclaiMe never rely on specific file system like other data recovery softwares in market.

Features of ReclaiMe:

1.  Lightweight Data recovery application.

2. Precise data recovery with good performance.

3. Support major file systems like FAT, exFAT, UfsBE and UfsLE, Ext, NTFS, ReFS, HFS, HFSPlus,XFS etc.

4. Perfect for RAID array storage recovery

5. Recovers data from  NAS drives such as WD MyBook,Drobo, Synology and LaCie etc.

6. Recover single/multiple files.

You can observe ReclaiMe do slow processing while inspecting data, its because it always look to recover your precious data perfectly. ReclaiMe trial version only allows you to preview all the data which you can recover easily, if you want o recover and save data you need full version of the ReclaiMe.

How to use ReclaiMe:

1. Install ReclaiMe on your machine, open it and you will see  different hard drive partitions. In my machine I have Mac OS X & Windows 8. So I got HFS and NTFS file system for lookup.

ReclaimaMe Daata recover tool

2. Now choose a drive from which you want to do data recovery.This software start scanning for deleted files and provide you list of files which can be recovered. You just have to select file and click on save button. That's it! A simple process to get your deleted data.

ReclaimMe Image recover

Example of Laptop hard drive recovery:

You can get ReclaiMe in Standard and Ultimate versions.Standard version recover files from Windows based file systems (FAT, exFAT, NTFS, and ReFS) where as Ultimate version can recover files from Windows, Mac OS disks (HFS,UFS and HFS+) and Linux ext2, ext3, ext4, and XFS filesystems.

ReclaiMe is impressive and affordable data recovery application. Highly recommended to everyone who lost their precious data.

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  1. This one is really useful post. I often face this problem. I format my USB and than realize that yet not I copy the files from it. I download that file again from net. So, this software helps me lot from now. 🙂

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