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Updated on: July 26, 2019

Having a good ranking is the dream of every webmaster. There are many big and small changes that need to be made to the website as well as applying some effective techniques that can do it for you. So what are the top websites doing to get and remain on the first page of Google? There are many answers to this question some of which are still unknown. In this article, you will find some of the very basic and common practices that most popular websites follow to rank well in search engine results.


You can even manipulate a couple of things on your own by understanding needs, how search engines work and the things they require to increase (SERP) the website rankings. Let’s look at these:

  • Importance Of  inbound links

Inbound links golden Way to rank fast search engine

Links are one of the major criteria that a search engine cares about. There are internal links which connect different pages of the same website together. This type of interlinking makes navigation through the website easier and avoids dead ends. Good quality links from other websites are called external links and this help a lot in improving the reputation of a website. If you have a lot of quality external links, it means your website is well established.

Be careful while giving out links from your website. Linking to irrelevant websites does impact the rankings negatively, whether it is inbound or outbound. It is not just the page rank of the linking website that matters but also its relevance to your website. If you sell shoes, do not link your website with insurance websites.

  • Keyword Analysis w.r.t search engines:


Many webmasters delay SEO interference until the website is ready and launched. To do it right the first time, involve the SEO guy as soon as you decide to build the website. Keyword research helps you buy the right domain name and name the URLs in an SEO friendly manner. These are not only good for the search engine but also very user-friendly because visitors can clearly understand what the page would be about merely by looking at the URL.

  •  Fresh & unique content with Keyword Relevance 


When it comes to the content, you definitely need good quality content with keywords used naturally. Write with the reader in mind. Know your audience and plan your website accordingly. Both the design and the content of your website should be such that the visitor easily gets what he/she is looking for. Remember to make the website look relevant and appealing to the user. Also remember to use good alt texts on all images, preferably keyword based. They should not be irrelevant but describe what the picture depicts.

  • Use keyword in your Domain and Content

Keyword search ranking

Firstly, have you looked at their domain names? Domain names do not always have to be fancy but older. It is always better to do all the research of your needs before you choose your domain. It may harm the search engine rankings every time you change your domain. Hence, it is recommended to choose it well and stick with it. Same applies to the selection of a domain hosting company. Choose a reliable company preferably from your own country. Do not go for the cheapest but the best value for money service.keyword-friendly domains are good for SERP

search engine ranking key factors

  • Care your visitors

When you create your website, it needs to be good for people as well as the search engine crawlers. If you optimize your website for the search engine only and don’t care about what your visitors want, they will eventually stop visiting your website. This also increases the bounce rate of the website which means visitors do come to the website but leave too early.

  • Irrelevant or poor quality

This could mean many things to search engines like the website being the irrelevant or poor quality which is definitely something you do not want for your website. Repeat visitors do add a lot to your credibility and traffic definitely attracts more traffic as it is one of the criteria in formulating search engine results. Similarly, if you have a website which is not optimized for search engine crawlers, you can’t expect to get enough traffic. There has to be a balance that would lead you to gain a high ranking.


There are many things you can do to tweak your website and your SEO strategies to get the best results. After all, is done, sit back and let it happen. Sometimes it is the impatience that destroys it all. Create a strategy and execute it as planned. Some changes are fine but do not change it completely every second day. Sometimes results take a little time to show up.

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  1. Getting a rank in search engine is good and easy but keep that ranking safe is much hard than to get rank in search engine. Many people are almost fail in this try. Search engine spiders are become day by day smart and easily catch your tricks.

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