Why Quality Web Content Is Important for High Ranking

Updated on: August 22, 2017

Today many so-called content writing companies copy information from other sites or just make slight changes in the text to create a big amount of backlinks, and thus, they can manipulate search engines and gain top positions.

How long can such methods work? Let's just examine what happened in the recent past.

There were two major updates from Google, namely Panda and Penguin, and with their launch, those who were doing all sorts of tricks to manipulate search engines, are now left with nothing. Methods that once developed are not working anymore.

Quality Web Content

Google knows what is happening and how. It's just a matter of one more update, and that is why by choosing this path, you will not be able to guarantee a solid base for your business to remain at the top of search results.

Most people on the Internet know how important the original content is. Google and other search engines appreciate good, informative, and original texts. Although writing website content of a high quality takes a lot of effort, time and dedication, the reward you get for these efforts are worth it.

What Are The Basic Rules Of Proper SEO Optimization To Keep In Mind?

How should a good site look? Here are a few primary things that your website has to contain to help you reach higher ranking:

  • High-quality texts that were created in accordance with SEO writing rules;
  • Good, customer-friendly design of the site;
  • Your full contact information, email and even phone number;
  • A guest page where you can connect with your visitors;
  • Detailed description of products/services you offer;
  • Information about your customers, their feedbacks, etc.

There are also other tasks related to SEO marketing, but they should be based on the criteria mentioned above and will not work if you did not follow the basic rules.

Why is this important? If you follow these rules, you will gain a wider reach, and your targeted customers will be able to find you with ease. And if people see that you make amazing things or attach exceptional value to your service, they will recommend you, thereby adding credibility to your business.

Quality Web Content

What Are The Requirements To Content Writing For Websites?

How to reach the top of the search results? To get top positions in search engines, the heading (title) should be optimized for queries and the same applies to the so-called meta tags that help the search engine provide more information about our website.

The texts should be written by the search request. Supported pages have to contain text that should be relevant to the possible searching queries, and thus — include keywords. The formatting also plays an important role. Each text has to be clearly structured, divided into paragraphs and sections, and contain high-quality images to improve the appearance of the page. You can ask professionals at Edu Birdie to write content for your site. It is important that texts on website’s pages are informative, properly written, and unique.

We suggest optimizing the site as soon as possible! The sooner you adjust your text to the requirements of SEO optimization, the sooner you will be able to observe how a high-quality text can bring you a worthy place in the top of the search engines’ lists. Well-done SEO optimization is one of the most important building blocks for the successful functioning of the website as a selling tool, but if this tool is not supported and not improved, it will quickly become ineffective.

Quality Web Content

Why Is Quality Content Important For High Ranking?

Experts believe that the importance of content writing is significant. This is due to the fact that Google's goal is to raise the ranking of pages with good and useful information, and the recent research made by Searchmetrics confirms this. Pages that contain more text and more images have higher positions because they are better correlated with the place in the search results (coefficient +0.11 and 0.08, respectively), which confirms the importance of your content. How is this related?

Markus Tober – the founder of Searchmetrics, says that their recent research had shown that a high-quality text has direct positive impact on the website’s ranking. He also highlights that bigger number of images raises the quality of the content. However, he also claims that this method is more effective if you increase the size of the content to 10,000 characters. Thus, the further increase will not have a significant effect.

Of course, it is up to you whether you plan to engage in SEO optimization or not, but before you make this decision – consider all the pros and cons of the optimization, and you will see how important it is for your business!

Quality Web Content
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