What Do Potential Customers Look for in Coupons and Discounts Pages

Updated on: May 18, 2013

In order for the online entrepreneur to convert traffic into sales, he or she needs to know what the people landing on their pages are looking for. What kind of discount will they go for? Which coupons are they likely to use? If these questions are answered, it’s likely that the entrepreneur will start building up a profitable business. The best way to answer the above questions is simple. The blogger or website owner has to answer them for him or herself. As you’ve most likely read before, search engines follow people. People are traffic. If you can work out what you are looking for in any particular niche, then more likely than not, this is what other people will be looking for as well.

If a good discount offer can help people trust and want to make deals with my open door loans business, then there some things potential customers always look for in coupons and discounts pages. Let me share some important things about coupons and discounts with you today.

What kind of coupons do you offer?Discount Coupons sales USA walmart

Again, the entrepreneur has to put himself/herself in their customers’ shoes. Are your coupons offering attractive discounts? Are the expiry dates too short? If you were given a coupon how long would you like to have before you had to use it? Consider that food discounts may have shorter expiry dates, but if your product is DIY based or something like getting an open door loans tips, your DIY or open door offer should last much longer. Why? Because customers won’t go through the latter items as quickly as they go through food.

The entrepreneur again has to fall back on his or her personal experiences. What would they want and how would they use these discounts. Once these questions are answered, they can properly set up their coupons page to effectively serve their potential customers. This kind of service (as long as the product is a good one) will keep them coming back to you.

Does your discount page give enough information?

Mega Discount Sale USA Walmart

This morning I was sent some very attractive coupons in my inbox from a very popular coupon-based site. I clicked on one of them and expected to see just the basic information about the product I was interested in. I was pleasantly surprised to see they had really top-quality pictures. They’d also included information about the coupon I wouldn’t normally expect to see. They said exactly how long I had to use it, how much I was spending, how much discount I was going to receive, where I had to go to redeem the coupon and the process I could expect to go through.

They even had a bit of information about how many people had already bought the product and how many coupons remained. Their fine print wasn’t an entire page of nonsense I would never read, it was just a few lines I wanted to. I was really impressed.

Try to impress your pontential customers by giving them the details they need to know, and not some jargons that will require them to pay an “expert” before they understand it.

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Discount Coupons sales USA walmart
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