Popular To-Do List Apps of Productivity For Android Users

Updated on: May 10, 2020

There is much application an Android user can enjoy today. This different software or application is really important in every function of android mobile devices. It helps the people to do different activities using an Android device, to reach it in an easy way and more convenient as well. It’s already in the modern days, smartphones and phone apps have been around for a decade. Several of the popular to-do list apps are overwhelming and not suitable for you. Thus, many are in good quality and as well as structure. There are people who have their own preferences with it comes in choosing the application.

The developer always has its ways to impose for customization for the demand of the people. There are around hundreds of app that can be found into the app store, in just a short of time in browsing. There are a lot of advantages in using to-do list that implies possible way more than what pen and paper can make and do.

This different to-do list application serves as a superpower in a pocket of every user in the world. You can make more things in much easier and simpler ways. Things that may take you to hours to finish to-do list application can always find a way to do it in a short period of time.

What are the Benefits of To-Do list Apps for Android

1. Creates an order

A to-do list is an exact way to establish how to do the things you want to do. Projects and ideas get broken down into bite-size pieces that are doable. A to-do list not only generates order but also gives you a strategy for getting things done.

2. Prioritize

Manage tasks efficiently. You can scan all of the items at a glimpse and prioritize what most requires to be done according to timelines and importance.

3. Accountability

The action of writing it down in itself continues you accountable to get it done. Once you write it down, you have delivered it life and now are preparing a plan to accomplish the goals you would like to see developed.  You are now accountable to you.

Top to-do List Application for Android

1. Accomplish

It's graphically planning your day. The first thing you need to do is to create your possible task or activities to do. Then after that, you can one by one drag those task to-do’s list. This will help you to schedule, organize things for you, by getting the notification and reminding you of your plans. You can determine how long you want to last your activities.

There will be a couple of reminders that will pop up before ahead of your set time. There will be push-ups of unique notification where you can always decide if you like to snooze or dismiss that task. In your settings, you can also set your to-do’s and win your google account to repeat the task. It is just a planner application that makes your time really precious by reminding you to be organized and plan ahead your schedule.

2. Any.do

It is of the most popular to-do list application for Android Devices. It has a feature of organizing your daily activities by doing it on “My task” and you can always add another one. This can be done by setting your own reminders and attach your file or even share the list with other people. This is really good for the people who are working in a group.

In the settings tab, you can overlook the materials that will immediately remind you if having a task ahead of time. You also have an excellent feature which is the emoji moment that pop-ups when you wake up and will tell you what you have that day. You can access your profile in any devices like Amazon Alexa to shut down your to-do’s and also it has a missed call reminder if a few minutes you miss their phone call. This is the most popular to-do list apps use by many industry people.

3. Todoist

It has a free version of the basics such as task categorization, dates, labels, reminders, prioritize and also include the offline mode. And integration with other application. You can ask assistance for desktop support and Add on. If you go on the premium is a better idea.

It is by adding comments, file attachments, location alerts, automatic backups, add emails as tasks project templates and unlimited Auto-sync. So if you're looking for more advanced to do with this one if for you.

4. Wunderlist

This one is excellent by categorizing your task on the list and even sharing them with other people. Just like with other apps for Android Wunderlist enables you to add much detail to-do’s as you need, like making sure who is responsible to a certain task, simply reminding your subtask comments and you can attach your file.

It also syncs between your phone, tablet, and computer so you can take your list from anywhere. It is very simple to use, modes have an excellent for the people who are always in a hurry.

5. Microsoft to-do

This has the same idea as accomplish that let you plan your daily task but you can create using these apps a separate list. Including movies to watch, birthdays or any other important things to you that you want to be reminded.

Microsoft To-Do List

One of the best features of this app is more suggestions, it gives you ideas to what you should do on a particular day and will depend on the task you have completed from the previous days or an upcoming one. It has an edited design, where you can edit your list with different materials.


Knowing the fact of popular to-do list apps for Android is the best way to determine and match it with your standards. There are many to-do list apps in google play and always remember to choose the app that you are comfortable to use. As it will give you a great plan ahead to your schedule and organize things for you.

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