How To Play Youtube In Background When Phone Is Locked 

Updated on: January 8, 2021

Nowadays people are living in an era where technology is firmly flowing across the border of the world. This is where a lot of people keep on their eye to focus on the most updated things produce by technology. There are good effects of the technology that gives every individual in every part of the world. Today, Youtube is one of the social media platforms that is considered one of the most visited sites for many people in every part of the world. There are a lot of people who get different information, news, updates and many more.

An individual can get different things and answers which are really beneficial to many people. People enjoy watching different kinds of videos, including music, and other types of videos. A video is one type of content that every individual created to express, this is considered as one of those effective contents over the internet.

A lot of people understand more and prefer to watch videos more than reading different articles on the internet. Many people get annoyed when they want to play youtube videos while your phone is locked as the usual thing just like when playing music by using their mobile devices. There are ways with regards to this as a lot of developers wanted to respond with this and as well as experts from the field are willing to help every individual.

Ways To Play Youtube in Background Even If Your SmartPhone Is Locked

1. The easy way "buy the subscription of YouTube Premium"

2. The technical way by using Google Chrome

i. What an individual needs to do is first you need to launch the Google Chrome in your mobile device.

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ii. The next thing you need to do is that you need to open for browsing. It is just easy to download and install the chrome browser, some are already installed in their devices. This is where you can access youtube for your personal use. Then you can start browsing on the internet particularly on the youtube social media platform.

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iii.  Browsing and listening to youtube when the phone is locked is a very important and great idea for every individual. You will enjoy youtube while doing a workout or long run. You can start this by choosing the videos you want to listen with, and then you need to choose the three dots at the top of the page of youtube. This is located on the top right of the button where you can get the browser and then you need to select the 'desktop site'  to start.

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iv. Then, when you finish this thing you will be heading to the main page, then you need to exit to the main screen. This can be done by just dragging the top down for an individual to open their notification bar. Then you can enjoy the fact that you can listen to different videos while your phone is locked, you just need to press the play button and then you are good to go. Following above step is simple and yet easy to do, the thing is that make sure that the mobile devices are powered by Android, and if not this method will not work with a particular, unlike device.


There are a lot of people who got irritated if they will watch a video and suddenly their phone got locked and the video will not continue to play. This kind of thing can be solved whether their mobile device is Android or iOS. The reason is that every individual got the idea to listen to the videos whenever their phone is locked.

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So, these two methods can help every individual with their situation, they just need to choose what is best for them or suitable for their devices. People need to be aware of this kind of thing as it is really beneficial if they really know these things from their subscription and of course to fully use the power of technology. There are a lot of people who enjoy watching and listening to different videos, the reason why they really need to be aware of this information for their benefits as well.

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