How to Play Your own Music on Amazon Echo using Bluetooth

Updated on: March 29, 2019

Technology today is different from before, you can compare a lot of things. From the one that you can’t imagine you can experience today because of technology. Technology serves different purposes, and you can find it at every corner. Technology fuels most of educational testing. Now with the help of computers, laptop and iPads can help every student with their education. Another is technology enhances the way of communication. It can help to make any transaction easier than before. One of the big changes we have today because of technology is listening to music. From before that music can only be played in the form of CDs or tape, today you can listen to music in many ways like AI based Amazon Echo or Google Home.

There are a lot of benefits an individual can have in listening to music. According to psychology, this can give a person a relaxation and can relieve stress. Thus, technology helps us, people, to make it possible in an easier and faster way. Amazon Echo, this device offers a solid speaker and great sound quality. There are two ways in order to listen to music using the Amazon echo, the first one is by having access to the library or stream tunes via Amazon music. Another is by listening to music and other third-party providers just like radio stations and others.

How to set up Amazon Echo

Steps 1

After purchasing an Amazon Echo, you will have to access in any of these, Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, and Premium. In order to find music to play, just open your Alexa mobile app. This application can be downloaded to enable your Alexa device. Then, tap the icon located on the three horizontal lines. You may choose video, music and also books. Thus, music is your thing then tap the music icon to have access.


For the beginners, you have to link your Amazon account with music service. This is to verify that you have an account in Amazon and to register your account as well.

Steps 2

After that, you will need to log in to your account to link in Alexa app. Then return to the app to start a connection, and start your own access. Then, you can choose or select to different types of music you want. You can look at music or stations available offered by the services.

Steps 3

The last step it choosing Alexa device to start the connection. After choosing the desired types of music and music services you need to tap to play it through Alexa Device.

Play Your own Music from Smartphone on Amazon Echo via Bluetooth

Method 1:  

1. Get yourself into a good position and your mobile device near your Alexa device, and you can give the command of “Alexa Pair”. It is such a good idea to have to get yourself in a good position so that your connection can be easily recognized and to start in a comfortable way. Thus, the process only takes a few minutes, you just need to follow the other steps listed below. Then, to proceed, your Alexa device will pair automatically in your mobile device.

2. You can just open the Bluetooth of your phone and change the settings. Wait for just a minute for your Alexa device recognize your phone to pair. Once it appears, tap on the name Alexa device. Alexa will also announce the success connection with your phone or tablet.

Method 2:  

1. You can also connect via the Alexa app and tap the name Alexa. Then, you need to tap on Bluetooth and pair the new device. You can open Bluetooth on your phone or tablet and after that, you will have access to the Music app or other audio apps. Including the podcast, an audiobook, or other items of audio to play. You can hear the music you have chosen through your Alexa device.

Amazon-Alexa-bluetooth-connection-Alexa App

2. This is step is also applicable for your own safety and prevent the uneven usage of the device. To disconnect your Alexa device from the mobile device, you just need to command your Alexa of “ Alexa Disconnect from [name of your paired device]”. Then, Alexa device will respond “now disconnected”.

Stream Music from a Computer to Amazon Echo via Bluetooth.

You can also use your computer, laptops to listen to music, just follow this kind of steps.

1. Computers can also be used in listening to music. The first thing to do is to open your browser and search to your Amazon Alexa site. You can make an account, or if you have an account you can sign in and click on settings. Tap the name of your Alexa device and you can choose Bluetooth then pair a new device.

2. Open your device, windows/mac settings screen and click the devices. Tap the button which is the Bluetooth and other devices. Click on add Bluetooth or other devices, and just wait for your Alexa device to pop up and it can be paired. The last thing to do is choose the device name and click connect to your PC/Mac. Then, your goof to go go, you can choose whatever music types or music service you want to hear. You can enjoy playing it all by day with the help of Amazon Echo and Alexa device.



Amazon Echo is an implication that technology never stops in innovation, keeps on enhancing every detail. The Amazon Echo is considered as the key to making your place a smart and better one. Through Alexa device you are able to have your own choices such as to dim lights, to update with the latest news, to inform you for the current situation, to check the weather and even important information from your Idols. One of the best thing that an Amazon echo can give the people through Alexa we can always choose the music types we want. People can always have options in streaming, they can use their phone, P, and computers to make it possible. Alexa will be the one who will notify every device that is being paired via Bluetooth.

Amazon echo offline songs play Bluetooth pairing
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