Which Best Plagiarism Checker We Should Choose?

Updated on: September 5, 2017

There are many software in the market which checks your writings for any copying or infringement of any of the original content online. Because all reputed companies and individuals try to avoid plagiarism as much as they can. So, which tool to choose from the hundreds available in the market? Let’s find it out.

Free Plagiarism Checker. Multilingual plagiarism check

I tried various tools for checking plagiarism, compared their features. Most of them had few common limitations except one tool, Plagramme. The limitations of other checkers were:

  • You can use it only after signing up
  • No ability to save Reports
  • No file upload in free version
  • Supports only Google or Yahoo browser

So, let’s talk about the plagiarism checker tool, Plagramme, which offered some unique features which I will be explaining in detail.


  • Similarity score.

All writings are given a similarity score. This score helps you to determine the degree of plagiarism or the similarity that is being done in writing. It will help you to determine how much your content is similar to something already present on the web. Thus, with the help of this software, you can find out if the content is copied or unique. And if copied, you can find out the exact content copied.

  • Plagiarism risk score.

This score shows to you the risk of plagiarism in your document. Their examination has demonstrated that this feature reduces the danger of written mistakes by 94%. Thus, it helps you to write with precision and allows you to have the best of your writings without any copyright infringement.

  • Paraphrase

This score allows you to determine the number of paraphrases that you are having in your document. A high paraphrase score shows plagiarism. So, it helps you in showing plagiarism figuratively.

  • Bad citations

This score indicates the number of improper citations that you are having in your document. While the use of citations is genuine, they should be credible and authentic. If you want to cite something, then the citation should be proper. This software can determine the credibility of the citations that you have given, and it will help you to go through the plagiarism check and warn you of any copyright infringement that you might have done knowingly or unknowingly.

Free Plagiarism Checker. Multilingual plagiarism check

  • Highlighted matches

If any literary theft is there in your document, the information is featured for you to check and make the necessary changes. This plagiarism checker offers certain features to enable you to change and revise your report – take note of, that great citations will be featured in green, paraphrases in orange, and improper citations in purple.

  • Viewable Sources

Plagramme also puts links to the sources of the matched parts in your writing. These links permit adjusting any wrong citations, words, and paraphrases in your document. If you are sure that the citations are put correctly in your writing, a basic check on your part will enable you to continue with your document’s report and download the file.

  • Detection of bad citations

Some citations might be perceived as plagiarized, so it is important to check the paper for citations to disallow any wrong happening in the document as far as the plagiarism is concerned.  Plagramme tells you which citations are right – they will be marked green. It will likewise check every citation which is copied as well. So, you will precisely know about both the cases.

  • Multilingual recognition

Even if your document comprises multilingual framework, it is fit for identifying plagiarism. If the writing contains more than one language, then there is no need to worry as the software is well versed with more than one language and will be able to detect the plagiarism in more than one language.



This plagiarism system audits more than 14 trillion website pages, articles, books, and periodicals to enable you to identify conceivable counterfeiting in your reports. It is capable of verifying papers up to 1000 pages. Plus, it uses secure, SSL browsing technology.

So, Plagramme is a quality plagiarism checker with some unique features.

You can check it out here.

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