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Updated on: February 13, 2024

In these later days, simple, but at the same time, relatively functional applications for editing photos appeared on almost all platforms. The main differences between all of them are the set of editing features and price. In addition to several graphics applications that allow you to do whatever you wish with single images, from simple framing to complicated processing, some programs can process several photos or a hundred photos at a time. Of course, you should not expect the functionality of Adobe Photoshop from these solutions, nevertheless, with their help, you will be able to change the size of the pictures in bulk, convert them to another format, or make many other simple, but rather demanded things they can. Such applications are popular among users who have to work with a large number of images, namely photographers, designers, editors, etc.

Let’s talk about one of such bulk editing applications called PhotoBulk created by developers from the Eltima Software company. It is worth noting that programs of this sort are not so easy to design. It is necessary to stick to a very clear balance between simplicity and functionality. If the program is overfilled with settings it will definitely contradict the concept of fast processing. If the program does not have enough basic settings the users will not simply use it. That is why each option should be evaluated first and only after that be included in the interface. Moreover, the interface itself should be built on the principle of maximum straightness. Looking ahead, we can say that PhotoBulk succeeded in it.



The interface of the program is very simple. It has a modern dark look with a preview window. All the features the user can find to the left of the user-interface and they are available with just a single click of a mouse. All you need is to select the desired number of photos, drag-and-drop them to the PhotoBulk editing window and choose which editing feature do you want to apply to the bulk. Also, it should be mentioned, that you can see all the photos in the carousel at the bottom and seamlessly go through them choosing what picture you want to see on the Preview.

The current version of PhotoBulk offers 6 main processing options that can be rather useful and meet the requirements of users with different skills. So let’s go through each feature.



The process of watermarking photos with PhotoBulk is really easy. The app offers to choose a text, image, datestamp, or script overlay. Each type of watermark can be customized according to your wish (font, size, color, opacity, position, style, etc.) besides that the app supports the feature of adding multiple watermarks at the same time. Use any combination you need and thanks to live view and editing you can check how it will look like before making your final decision.


Resizing and optimization

If you are dealing with uploading your images to different web resources, then you cannot do without optimizing and reducing options. It should be mentioned that optimization is done without affecting the quality of a photo. As for resizing process, well, the users are offered to choose one out of the 5 presented options, namely, by width, by height, percentage, free size, by max size. Thanks to the filmstrip at the bottom you can check how your settings will look like on different photos from a bulk.


If you need to have an output image of a different format then go to Format setting. Here you can convert your final images to JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP or TIFF format. By the way, PhotoBulk can easily deal with HEIC format converting it to the mentioned above ones.


One more useful feature that would find its admirers is the presence of a metadata option. You can choose whether you want your output images to include GPS data, camera info data, and copyright/contact as well as discard the data. Also, keep in mind that discarding the data can be rather practical if you are using it together with the optimization option.


Renaming can be rather handy if you want to have an order in your photos and to convert them from a pile of unknown letters and numbers into something logical.  PhotoBulk offers you to insert the name of the file as well as choose sequential numbering with up to 4 digits either at the beginning or at the end of the file name.

In addition, you can save all your favourite settings to presets and then effortlessly reuse them thus having more free time to watch your favourite TV show or drink a cup of tea/coffee. To cut a long story short, PhotoBulk is an absolute timesaver app that makes the process of bulk editing as easy as a pie.

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