Why PDF Editor is Really Important in Internet Age ?

Updated on: May 3, 2017

Portable Document Format, or “PDF,” is not a new technology. PDFs have been around since 1993, and since its inception it has allowed users to read and navigate digital documents very easily. No matter which computer or device the document is viewed on, it will always look the same. This allows for great functionality in terms of reading the document, but not much else.


PDF-EditorFast-forward to the present day. The PDF (or portable document format) has now become the standard in so many industries because they are highly shareable and readable. However, with PDF reading software such as the enormously popular Adobe Reader, users can only read the files, not make changes to them. To edit a PDF, you’ll need a PDF editor software such as https://www.sodapdf.com/products/ocr-pdf/

Using a PDF editor, users can truly manipulate and customize PDFs instead of merely reading them. Editors allow users to perform interactive tasks such as adding commentary, adding bookmarks, adding images or more text, moving things around, editing existing pages, etc. Users can create and modify document sections, highlight sections of text for review by other team members, and more. In this way, productivity is both dramatically increased and streamlined, saving time, effort, hassle, and money.


Say, for example, your team is working on drafting a contract. Ideally, the contract’s final form will be electronic, so that it can be easily and quickly executed without delay. To do that, the document should be created in PDF format. The trouble is, using standard PDF reading software only allows team members to do exactly that: to read the document. If anyone has questions, comments, suggestions, requests, or input on the document, there’s no way to make any changes using a standard PDF reader. To make those changes, a PDF editor is required. Once a PDF editor has been brought into the mix, team members can work with the document in a world of new and important ways.

The need for users to be able to edit PDFs has given rise to many PDF editors, from online free versions to paid services. In some cases, you may be able to sign up for a free trial of some services, even if the full version comes at a price. In most cases, however, the free trial version of many services will have limited functionality, requiring users to sign up for the full version to be able to access all features. At any rate, the free trial versions at least give you a taste of the user interface, ease-of-use and other factors that may help you to decide which one to choose to spend your money on.

These days, with the rise of online businesses and the need to streamline processes electronically, the need for PDF editors has grown exponentially. There are many options out there. Look for the one that best suits your budget, your workflow needs, and that includes the features that are most important to you.

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