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Updated on: October 28, 2019

In this world, everyone needs and run after money to fulfill their desires and needs. An easy and secure way to survive in this world is taking a personal loan. Taking a loan and applying for it is no cakewalk, it does require a lot of patience and time of an individual. Everyone at one point or the other has felt the need for a personal loan, but the whole process of loan is extremely painstaking as we all know.

Banks take a lot of time to process a loan application, and so-called money lenders are known for charging high-interest rates making the process even tougher. The scenario has changed with the rise of FinTech in our country, and today there are many easy and free loan apps that give instant and quick cash loans to individuals.

Paysense For Easy Loan Approval

To save yourself from all the pain, PaySense is here and does it all for you without much of your efforts and time. This instant personal loan app is a great way to get you the personal loan, avoiding the long application procedure. The best part about this app is it serves the interest of an individual’s even with zero credit score and offers the personal loan up to 2 Lacs.

Founded by Sayali Karanjkar and Prashanth Ranganathan, PaySense is a company that offers quick loans at low interest rates, through an Android app in India which is free on the play store. Applicants can use a phone or laptop to check their eligibility, submit their KYC details and apply for a loan, receiving approval within hours while sitting at their homes without any hassle.


With PaySense the process of getting a personal loan becomes super easy for everyone by providing “Digital Loans”. PaySense works in the space of digital lending environment where it processes loans for customers who might not have a credit card and would need instant credit for a specific purpose and might not have enough time to wait for the approval and undergo the entire process.

Why Paysense

The main advantage of these kinds of platforms is people do not have to bump into the clutches of loan sharks sitting out there for innocent and needy people, which is even more tormenting. Moreover, one gets a trustworthy app with a trustworthy rating of 4.1 on the Play Store.

The advantage these platforms have over banks is that they are quick to disburse loans to the population, to salaried professionals with a steady income flow and do not ask for lengthy paperwork as well. Also, it is easier for consumers to check eligibility on these apps itself which is one of its salient features.


Statistics show in 2018 around 16 Lakh people installed PaySense App on their smartphones between May and October, and PaySense is effectively dealing with the ever-growing need for a personal loan to for their medical emergencies, marriage expenses, buying two-wheeler, paying school and college fees, upgrading to new electronics, paying credit card bills, buying jewelry, for home décor and what not, everything is possible with one app, PaySense.

How to get Loan with PaySense in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Get the App - Download the app from play store and check your availability of Personal Loan. Check how many loans one can get based on their income directly on your PC or smartphone.
  1.    Filling in the Relevant Details - Complete the Application Form Online and verify your documents of identity, income, and address online.
  2.   Completion of Form - Sign the application form and get your money directly into your bank account.

Other Useful Features

  • This App has a strong functional base and user credibility status in more than 40 cities across India today.
  • One can get a loan approved in a matter of few minutes. Funds are disbursed into an individual’s bank account in a few hours. Loan application process is reduced to a matter of minutes. Taking out funds with PaySense App is super convenient.
  • With this App, one can get a personal loan, which is at affordable low-interest rates. With this easy to use app one can avoid daunting queues at the loan counter in the bank.  


  • No need to file loan applications, which are nothing but dicey as well as stressful. One does not have to constantly be on your heels just to find out about one’s application status.
  • PaySense is constantly available to help when you have any queries in mind. They provide Whatsapp contact and support email address which is [email protected] for the consumers to seek any sort of help. At times, they set up booths around Mumbai city to interact with people directly and understand their needs in a better way.
  • Flexible EMI amounts for the consumers from as little as 5000 up to your maximum approves credit limit.
  • No hidden fees or charges included.
  • In-built EMI calculator to know the right EMI plans as per your convenience.  

PaySense works on Terms of Service which is for every consumer who applies for a loan through the app. These terms are -

  • Eligibility criteria should be fulfilled.
  • To avail PaySense services, one initially needs to set up an account on the app.
  • Validation of User-generated content.
  • Privacy, of the information and documents submitted.
  • Agreement And a lot more which is mentioned on their website in detail.

Some other apps in India which offer the same services as PaySense are MoneyTap, Rupeelend, Flexsalary, Money View, CrediFiable, PaymeIndia, Smartcoin, Upwards and many more with diverse terms and conditions and loan limits.

At PaySense, managing finances becomes enjoyable and brings you a financial journey that will provide you with a better lifestyle for each and every one. Paysense does not let you restrict your needs and bound yourself.

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