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Google+ Games Started: Enjoy Gaming Battle Between Facebook & Google


All we know that very recently the search engine giant  Google has started their new successor of Social networking Google+, which is growing very quickly. Most of the  people liked its cool features like hangout and hurdle, still the craze of  Facebook is there 🙂 due to lack of options in Google+ likes Custom Apps & Games. But if you are really using facebook to play games like FarmVille ,CityVille & Mafia Wars etc. then , now you have a reason to switch to Google+ to play games like Angry Birds, Bubble Island, Crime city etc. Good news is that google announced their brand new games in social war, hope they will catch the  popularity  like Farmville and others 🙂 this announcement made @ Googles Official Blog .

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Security Softwares

Crack Your Windows Administrator Password by Ophcrack Live CD


Have you ever wondered what would you do if you ever forget your windows password??Just format the disk and reinstall all your data is not a good solution :(, but now you don’t have to worry any more, you can get your password back easily. The process of getting back your lost password is called cracking your password.

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Mobile Applications

Unlock Your Lost Nokia Security Lock-Code Instantly


Mobile Securityis very important factor in current world,mostly we store lots of private and important information into our mobile due to its  portability feature e.g ATM pin,Mailbox Password,Bank Password etc , to protect the privacy of our information  we use  some locking  mechanism,which enhance your data integrity and consistency.But you may observe that many people put very Complex code to their mobile( which is probably Good ) and forgot that code after some time.

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Android Development Tutorials

[Tutorial Part:1] Introduction To Android Mobile Operating System

Android Tutorials

Hi friends, from now onwards we are going to start our new Android tutorial section, hope you will enjoy it !!! Please put your suggestions and question w.r.t our new ‘Tutorials  Section’, we are happy to hear from you !!!

 “Android is a comprehensive open source platform designed for mobile devices”.

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How To Activate Old Facebook Chat Again

facebook logo

Well, there was a lot of protest came from die hard Facebook people when they found the facebook chat feature changed without any notification or reverting options. But thanks(?) to the facebook developer team that they dint change or disable their old popout chat link yet. You might have noticed these chats in old browser versions. It was not as good as the previous ones, but still, its much better than the current chat feature. You can access your groups and the most important thing i.e. SCROLL-BARS!! It may look little odd as it opens in a new tab but still its very handy to use. Follow the steps given below.

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Internet & Computers

SMS Torta:An Application That Help You To Keep Remind Your Friends Birthday Via SMS

Thumb SMS torta

Birthday  is a very  special moment of everyone’s life, where we expect some sort of good wishes from our beloved ones. Many times we  forget such special moments . Social networking like Facebook  or SMS reminder applications of cell phones  may help us to overcome with such situations.But due to busy schedule & all, many time we  fail to check such alerts.

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Grab Free Skype Credits From Ifeelgoods To Call Anywhere in World For Free

Thumb iFeelgoods-skype-free call credit

[New Update]:This offer is only available for selected regions of the world  🙁 but you can still get it by tweaking some stuff.

1. Navigate to this FREE VPN Services  and choose any VPN for your machine and use USA as country (Recommended VPN: TOR)

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Import or Add Your Facebook Friends & Photos To Google+


Successful launching of Google+ with  some cool features attracted more number of people towards them, but currently Google only allows invited peoples to grab their G+ service, so due to lack of invitations many people still enjoying Facebook. Yesterday one of my friend asked me to how to add Facebook friends to Google +, I just studied some consequences of G+ and finally solved his query. To do that you have to follow some steps given below.

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