Google Gmail Motion: April Fool’s Prank by Google


Google one of the best search in the world always giving better and better products to Internet many people  know the google’sdoodle campaign.But google also enter into Entertainment world and started pranking the the Net savvies like me.…

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Hide Windows Applications With WinVisible


While working in office ,Most time you  want to hide an open window when someone enters the room or walks by your computer desk. Imagine your manager walking in with you posting a new post on your Social network, or …

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PrtScr: Best Windows Snap Tool


Most Web-developers,bloggers want to take Snapshot of  Windows screen when they want to share something with others.Many professional persons also need a Snap Shot tool for their presentation and all.Microsoft Windows having this facility but it come with their new …

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Youtube Proxy:Unlock Blocked YouTube Videos



Visual Information on Web is  is much better and understandable  than Textual information.’You Tube’ one of the best Video broadcasting Service available in cloud & ubiquitous environment.Many peoples used this service and enjoy the cloud of videos.

More often …

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