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How Creative People Do things Differently

Creative Thinking

We’ve all had those moments when a colleague or friend makes a suggestion so out of the box and creative that we find ourselves thinking, ‘where on Earth did that come from?’ And if you’re a creative yourself, such as a writer, designer or artist, you might even have found yourself wondering the same thing from time to time! So what actually makes a creative person tick, and how do they see the world differently from others?

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Mac User Tips For Enhancing Productivity

mac os x

If you own a Mac computer, you likely use it for a wide assortment of purposes. You probably use it for entertainment, personal and professional reasons. A Mac computer can undoubtedly make your work life so much easier and less stressful. Of course, you’re going to need to learn how to use your Mac effectively to get ahead. Within this guide, you will find Mac user tips for greatly enhancing your productivity.

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3 Most Common 3D Printer Errors and Their Fixes

3d pinter fix

It is seen that hobbyist printers from time to time require troubleshooting problems that occur all of a sudden without any prior notice or intimation.3d printing is also evolving industry which getting more addon features & functionalities. With increasing of use, it also faces major issues that should undertake & handle using proper methods.

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What Are Some Keys When Launching a Freelance Business?

freelance business setup usa

As you begin to set up your own freelance business, you are likely thinking about where to work, how to create an inventory and how to gain customers or clients. What many people fail to think about as their set up their freelance companies is the need for a federal tax ID number. Even though this number isn’t required for all freelance businesses, it is still a good idea to apply for one.

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Business Internet & Computers

Moscow Affiliate Conference 2018 Where Super Affiliates Coming Together

MAc 2018

The Moscow Affiliate Conference has been a major success both critically and commercially. All the editions so far have been noted to bring together numerous international companies, affiliates, startups, new entrepreneurs and influencers together under one roof to talk, share and plan a brighter future in the internet industry.

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Internet & Computers

How to Install Windows and Linux Together on Your PC

Windows & Linux Install

The age-old question that one faces when purchasing a new PC is which operating system should I choose? The most popular option is the Microsoft Windows. It is so popular that over 80% of all the personal computers run on it. There is a group of individuals who want more freedom over how they use their PC. This group prefers to use Linux, an open source operating system which might not be popular on the PCs but almost all the servers run it. These two operating systems have different strengths and weaknesses. What would somebody do when they need the flexibility and performance of Linux and want to play the latest video games as well. The options are pretty simple.

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Internet & Computers Softwares

Convert PDF to Flipbook Online using FlipHTML5

If you search for the keyword “Flipbook tools” on Google, you will find many popular ones in the market like iSpring Flip, FlipSnack, Yumpu and more that enable marketers and publishers to create attractive digital flipbooks and promote them on social media platforms. Basically to convert PDF to Flipbook.

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Internet & Computers

IBM Code Day 2018 Unlocking Blockchain, AI & Future of Computing

IBM CODE Day 2018

IBM, as everyone knows, is the pioneer in computer hardware, middleware, and software since its inception in 1911 as Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (CTR) and later renamed as IBM in 1924. IBM has also been lead performers in the fields of providing hosting and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology. Furthermore, their series also range into categories like cloud computing, cognitive computing, commerce, data and analytics, Internet of Things, IT infrastructure, mobile, and security.

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How Transaction Flow Works in Hyper-Ledger Fabric

Example Hyperledger query

One very important aspect of the business which is as unexplored and interesting as the Internet itself is creating various forms of business models. These topics always keep me off the edge as I have grown a particular interest towards it over time.

BlogSaays already features a series of articles surrounding IBM Hyperledger and Blockchain services which allow business teams to develop business models. Be it deploying .bna files to creating Blockchain queries for your business, you’ll find it all on this blog.

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