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Top SEO Trends for 2018


Just when you think you’ve figured out SEO and Digital Marketing, something changes and now you’ve got to start from scratch again. Marketing and the rules of SEO are always evolving and constantly changing.

2017 saw the rise of AMPs and backlinks, but by 2018 we expect to see changes and new trends. Old tactics won’t cut it anymore. As you work on getting your website to rank on top in 2018, here are few SEO trends that will definitely set you on your way to becoming a trending name on the web.

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Filmora the Best Vlogging Tool Every Video Maker Should Use


Wondershare has been the global leader when it comes to creating some really fine apps and software for photo and video editing. Their brainchild “Filmora” is considered one of the best video editing software in the world for beginners. They have also garnered widespread popularity around the world for all of these following applications

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E-Bikes are Supercool Invention – Get Yours from Amazon Now

Razor RSF650 Electric Street Bike

Cycling has the potential to help fitness enthusiasts to meet their desired exercise goals. However, not everyone is not able to cycle or cover substantial distancing while paddling in cycle owing to several reasons like age-related limitations, long distances, steep hills, etc. Here’s, the e-bikes role comes in. Electric bikes make cycling possible for several people. They assist people to cover a long distance with cycling and allows them to meet their suggested fitness goals.

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Top USB-C Hubs for MacBook Pro 2018

Satechi Slim Aluminum Type-C Multi-Port Adapter with Type-C Charging Port

MacBook Pro from Apple is supposed to be an elegant device that boasts of exceptional performance and brilliant features. However, the drawback of MacBook Pro for the users is the fact that it has an inadequate number of ports to connect USB or for that matter, any other cable. In order to tackle such a limitation, you have easy access to the best device ever known as the USB Type-C Hubs meant precisely for your latest MacBook Pro or even iMac Pro. These come with certain striking features and unique requirements. Some of the selected few USB-C hubs are actually listed below for your perusal so that you could identify the right one and choose from the best few according to your unique specifications or requirements.

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The Amazon Summer Sale 2018 Best Offers & Discounts


Like every year the online retailer giant, Amazon brings out the best of the summer sale. Amazon is all set to launch the summer sale for the year 2018 from May 13th to May 16th. The Sale comes out with many hot and sizzling deals and discounts for its customers. Discounts involve in categories like electronics, mobile & accessories, TVs and appliances, Home & kitchen from more than 1000 brands and many spectacular deals.

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How to Free up Space on iPhone

iphone data eraser

The Apple iPhone is undoubtedly one of the most advanced and respected smartphones of the modern era. The Apple branding behind the device gives it the class it deserves. From performance to stability to security, everything is top notch with the iPhone. However, there is one major drawback that the iPhone and iPhone users across the world face at a time. That is the availability of compatible software for various utilities.

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Top 10 Blockchain Projects to Watch in 2018


Blockchain tech is what keeps the cryptocurrency networks ticking over. It makes it possible for you to utilize services from companies as diverse as Bitcoin casinos and charitable foundations.

But, cryptocurrencies were only the beginning. Blockchain tech can be applied to an equally diverse number of industries. Here are the top ten blockchain projects to watch in 2018.

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Why Moscow Affiliate Conference 2018 Had Been So Popular Till Now?


Leadbit group recently arranged  Moscow Affiliate Conference 2018. I was wondering how to describe the aura of this amazing event. It was one of THE BEST conferences I experienced till now. It was a BOOM show, just like the Affiliate World Conferences in Russian market!

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Recover Data from Windows 10 after Deleted from Recycle Bin

Ease US Data Recovery

The technology around us is changing every single day. With more and more technical advancements around us, we are fortunate to have some great tools which make our working style better and simple. Amidst the so many technologically advanced tools, are you still looking for a data recovery tool that can be the best solution for all your needs? If you are still not sure of the best recovery software, then we are here to help. EaseUs Data Recovery is the ultimate recovery tool that you will ever need. It is the one and the only solution for all the data recovery needs.

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