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Why BlackBerry Phone Tracker is worth giving a Try


BlackBerry smartphones are one of a kind nowadays. With a different look presented in a smartphone, BlackBerry presents its users with something out of the ordinary. No one could imagine that a small keyboard and a monitor could look as elegant together as they look in the form of a BlackBerry smartphone. If you are an employer who wants to keep a check on the cell phone usage of their employee, then you need the services of a BlackBerry phone tracker.

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Android Development Tutorials

Major Steps Involved in Android Apps Development


Google’s Android has gained tremendous popularity in the recent past. More and more people have come to realize the kind of advancements being made by android as a platform and therefore are turning to it because of the same reason. Google has ensured that Android can enable the masses to experience state-of-the-art technology in the best possible prices.

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Non-Geeky Guide to Flushing DNS on Different Operating Systems


When tech people start talking about flushing DNS, Domain Name Servers, DNS cache problem, IP addresses, and all that techno mumbo jumbo stuff, it almost sounds like a bunch of aliens talking about different ways to operate on a live human brain–well, something like that. Anyway, in case you have a computer that has problems opening web pages while the rest of the computers on the same network don’t have issues then you better bring out your inner geek because you’re going to have to flush DNS to solve this issue.

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Potential Vulnerabilities of WordPress Self Hosting


WordPress is an interactive blogging platform & great CMS  and working in conjunction with a SQL database to store data files. It is the mostly used blogging platform that powering 50 million blogs all over the web the number which comprises both self-hosted and sub-domain blogs.

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ZOHO CRM : A Productive CRM Software for Leading Business


Every small business owner,always trying to find ways to increase their sales. One of my friend running his start-up & he told me that he is having a small staff of salespeople and  his business is increasing very quickly but now its difficult for theme to keep track of their leads and sales.Hiring a new man power is not a good solution for any start-up company as their initial investment is not so big 🙂

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Why you should Game on an Android phone?


The online gaming industry is a hugely successful and ever-expanding one, but increasingly playing these games using a mobile device seems to be regarded by many of the major games developers as the future of the industry. Perhaps this is not surprising, as mobile technology is advancing so rapidly that these devices seem destined to supplant even the most convenient of laptop PCs, but these developments mean that the battle is well and truly on between the Apple and Android platforms to be seen as the cutting edge option when it comes to mobile gaming .

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Best places to sell your iPhone 4S & be ready to buy iPhone 5


Apple’s next iPhone is due to be unveiled on the 12th September – just under 2 weeks from now. This isn’t an official date, but we know for sure that Apple have a media event scheduled for this date, and going by information provided by reliable sources, it’s more than likely going to happen on this date.

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Mobile Applications

Customised Tablet apps are leading to Business Growth !

Customization of tablet app development

Tablets have invaded the market with such pomp and enthusiasm, that it is hardly astonishing that the demand for tablet application development has reached sky high. With the launch of Microsoft’s Surface, the curiosity amongst people regarding Microsoft Surface App development has led to more and more creative and innovative apps are being developed by the developers across the world.

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5 Ways to Improve your Facebook Page & Page Likes


Most bloggers think of social media as a useful tool, but something that does not require as much
time or effort as their blog does. Because of this thought pattern, bloggers tend to have sparse
 Facebook pages that are left untended for long periods of time. Either that or they treat Facebook
 and Twitter the same and use the same updates for both. These mistakes can end up costing the
blogger a huge audience that would have otherwise started visiting their blog page. So, what can 
bloggers do to avoid making these mistakes and redeem the audience they should have had from
the beginning? Well, here are five simple ways to improve your Facebook page and get people 
connected to your blog and part of your online community.

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