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Wondershare TunesGo Best Alternative File Manager for Android & iOs Devices


How much time do you spend for managing contents in your smartphone? Given the limitations of a small screen, it will be a few notable minutes, we think. You know the hardships when you need to re-organize your stored content into your different folders. And, have you ever thought it’s great to have an additional, bigger screen to do these all? If so, TunesGo from Wondershare is definitely the utility for you. This sleek tool manages to become the one-stop solution for managing your Android and iOS devices — for various purposes. In this article, we shall have a brief review of Wondershare TunesGo and its various aspects.

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Affiliate Marketing : Powerful way to Make Passive Money Online


There are several things the Digital Revolution has bought us! Affiliate Marketing is indeed one of the prominent concepts, especially when it comes to digital products and service. Even before all these, there were referrals, purchases and their commissions. People used to recommend product to their friends and get paid from the manufacturer or service provider. However, the new-gen Affiliate Marketing — with easier management and organization — made things better. Here, we shall have a look on how Affiliate Marketing has changed the way of Online Businesses, an introduction to this marketing and some effective tips to do that.

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Filmora : Best video editing tool for YouTubers & Video Makers

filmora wondershare review

It’s ironic that people still find video editing as something un-doable for commons. If we were in the 1990s, it should be true! But, now, after all, these technical advancements and all, Video Editing has become something easier. We are not talking about Adobe Premier or Apple Final Cut Pro. On the other hand, there are some effective yet simple video editing suites you can use to create your own video clips, from the existing content. And, in this article, we will have a brief review of an impressive video suite for commons — Wondershare Filmora. To start with, we will have an introduction to Filmora.

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Fix WordPress Comment Fatal Error Util_PageUrls.php on line 527


Recently I updated few of my WordPress plugins to the latest version after core WordPress update. The update was successful but later on I used to get many comments on my different articles and not able to see those comments in my email. So I tried to approve it from my WordPress dashboard but when I tried to approve it , it was always giving me internal server error like below

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Asus ZenFone 3 : An Outstanding Mobile Camera in 2016


Since their launch, ZenFone series from ASUS has gained attention — both the flagships and budget-friendly ones. There have been different reasons, too, from an easier interface to better shots. The latest addition to the range, ASUS ZenFone 3, is all set to change the game of smartphones, though. It’s a ZenFone Built for Photography but brings together a variety of improvements in terms of performance, usability, and design. In this article, we shall have a brief review of ASUS ZenFone 3 and the different aspects you should care about. It’s a Photography-oriented phone and we will have a take on the camera side of ZenFone 3 first.

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KeepVid a Powerful Tool to Download Online Videos on Mac & Windows


If you are highly engaging with internet world then you definitely love to watch videos online. Recently Internet celebrated its silver jubilee & during this entire phase it revamped a lot from binary to text, text to audio, audio to videos. We are living in the best time of internet shift and videos are making us more informative than text content. Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud & some other lucrative media publishing platforms opened doors for creativity & storytelling. No doubt I’m a real fan of those platforms.

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Mac & Windows Data Recovery Become Easy with Wondershare

Wondershare Data Recovery is one of the best available tools that will help you to recover files that were accidentally deleted by you. This is one of the most promising tools that have been developed recently. Wondershare Data recovery has a lot of inbuilt options that will help you in recovering all the data that you have lost without taking any additional trouble. This Software is a boon for a lot of users and needless to say, this has all the potential to be the best in the market.

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How to Stream Recorded Videos via Facebook Live

stream prerecorded videos facebook live

The live streaming industry is started influencing a majority of online platforms either using Meerkat, Periscope or FabebookLive. I’m a real fan of live streaming services and I’m 100% sure it’s going to take over text in a very broad way in near future. So if you are an Internet marketer then you have to take an advantage of it & create strategies to produce best results from same.

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7 Rose Gold Watches Men Can Actually Wear

Breguet Type XX / XXI 3880BRZ29XV

It’s no secret that Rose Gold has taken the girl world by storm. But who would have thought that this major fashion phenomenon would find its footing in the world of men’s luxury watches too? Not in a thousand years, but I’m loving it to a T!

Rose Gold trends are a win-win for everybody. On the one hand, it speaks volumes of the evolution and diversity of unisex fashion. On the other, simple truth of the matter is that Rose Gold luxury watches are simply awesome, even on men! I might even go so far as to say, especially on men. While a number of fashion brands embraced the growing trend at the first opportunity, it’s the entry of the luxury watch segment that really stuck gold.

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