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Reasons Why You Should Switch to WordPress for Your Business


Since its launch in 2003, WordPress was popularly used for blogging. But eventually, it becomes a popular Content Management System (CMS) for hosting websites as well. Now WordPress is the most widely used CMS worldwide. It is now been used by around 74 million websites in the world. It is a powerful and feature rich CMS and perfect for any kind of website. WordPress is the content management platform like no other.

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Education Mobile Applications

Top 7 Best Apps for Learning

Future Education

Can you imagine that just recently students studied without smartphones, social networks and even without the Internet? Over the past 5-10 years, everything has changed dramatically. Thanks to modern gadgets and applications, learning has become more like a game than a routine process.

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Internet & Computers

How to Compress a PDF Online for Free


Portable Document Format or simply PDF has been in the business since the 1990’s and is the most preferred and used file format when it comes to presenting or sharing documents that are generally independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems. These documents usually include text formatting and images

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How to Setup Location Based Alarm when You’re Near to Reach your Destination


The world is so close due to technology and availability of transportation. You can easily visit your hometown on any day from any place. I believe Technology also making us lazy & tired as mobile phones become our BFF(Best Freind Forever). Everyone’s attention is on that tiny rectangular magical device human invented ever. You can find most of the people either listening to songs or be chatting with friends on Whatsapp/Snapchat/Facebook etc. while traveling from a taxi, bus or any local transportation services.

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How to Have Realistic Graphics in Minecraft with Shaders Mod

Do you know that you can improve the quality of Minecraft graphics simply by adding the Minecraft shaders? What are Minecraft shaders? How to install them and how do they work, should be your first question after reading the first line of this article.

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Blockchain For Developers: Is it Right for Your Application?

According to the numbers, the blockchain market is expected to reach a high of $20 billion by 2024. Moreover, the average investment in this exciting technology’s projects was more than 1 million in 2017. In case you weren’t living under a rock for the last two years, you know what bitcoin and the blockchain technology is. However, though blockchain is often thought to be a synonym for bitcoin, you have to understand that the latter is just one of the many uses of this hot technology. In truth, blockchain is a platform or system which is decentralized and can be beneficial for a lot of things such as applications.

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How to Learn Blockchain Online for Free

The common people know blockchain as a technology behind cryptocurrency but the scope of blockchain technology is larger than that. Here, people from healthcare, manufacturing and other industries are trying this advanced technology to improve their productivity and get better outputs. While blockchain being a nascent technology has a lot to offer to users, people are going crazy to know more and more about it. To fulfill the requirement many institutes and online courses providers are offering online courses to cover advanced topics related to blockchain technology. In this article, we have discussed top 3 online courses you can enroll for free to get in-depth knowledge about blockchain technology.

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Internet & Computers

VidPaw : Free Online Video Downloader

video downloader

YouTube, as we all know, is the most popular online video streaming platform in the world. It has an average daily viewership of over 100 billion with over 1 billion YouTube channels functioning on a regular basis.

YouTube has become a platform for success and fame for millions of people around the world. Countless videos are uploaded and streamed every minute.

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