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Blizz : Best Online Video Conferencing & File Sharing Tool


I’m sure you must have used TeamViewer or definitely must have heard about it. You’ll find it on almost every laptop or computer of your working friends or colleagues and especially on every desktop system in an office building of many organizations.

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Generate Favicon Online for WordPress Blogs


Favicon is a thing that can seriously improve the general look of the website. Speaking smoothly, it’s a small picture that appears near the website’s name. It can be seen right on the browser tab. This image has a 16×16 graphics size.

Its primary goal is to distinguish the website from its competitors. Beautifully made favicon is a great chance to determine successful business. Moreover, it helps to establish your brand’s visual identity and strengthen its positions online. Actually, that’s the reason why people are using these small icons on their websites.

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Top Domain Registrars in 2017


There are many domain registrars in the world and each is normally rated in terms of ease of use, reputation, and price. Domain registers will help you register your domain name but it is important to look out if they offer technical support, live chat service, and security.
Below are some of the top domain registrars in 2017 according to websitebuilderau.com 

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Learn Chemistry Online with Byju’s- The Learning App

Byjus app

With several equations, reactions, chemical names, and formulae, chemistry has become one of the most feared subjects amongst the students. The lack of interest and thorough understanding of the concepts are one of the main reasons that students dislike the subject and avoid studying it.

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Mobile Applications

Testing an Idea for A Mobile App: Does Your App Solve a Problem?

designer drawing mobile website development wireframe

Building a mobile app is an opportunity for a continuous source of income via the original purchase of the app, in-app purchases, advertisements and more – such as white-labeling your app.The main challenge you face when developing and testing an idea for a mobile app is what app to make. It must be useful for people to want to purchase it, or to make in-app purchases.

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How to Create Effective Blockchain Queries using Hyperledger Composer


I have always had a particular interest in the IBM Hyperledger and IBM Blockchain platforms for creating various business models.

If you go through my blog carefully, then you will see that I have already written and posted a couple of previous articles surrounding IBM Hyperledger and Blockchain services.

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Spice V801 : 4G Smartphone Device to Full-fill Your Technology Needs


Spice V801 has been launched by the new Spice Devices post the JV between Spice mobility and Transsion Holding. Since their inception, Spice Devices has made a respectable name for themselves in the mid-price range category in the smartphone market over the years. Their devices have always garnered favorable reviews and have been among the favorites across the masses when it comes to smartphones priced below ₹10,000.

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The Ways to Build Your Business: Comment on Other Blogs

It is a well-established rule of thumb that blogging is a must to increasing business in today’s technology-driven world. The benefits of blogging are too long to even mention here. It is worthy of a blog post all its own. People with blogs often see more incoming business due to the relevancy of their posts and the credibility that they get from publishing material.

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Best Free Marketing Tools for Startups

Being a startup means taking care of many things from day one. The most important thing is to make sure that as many people as possible know about your business. You normally do it through multi-channel marketing, which includes creating content, maintaining a social presence, generating multimedia, sending emails, keeping an eye on SEO, all of which is, of course, driven by analytics. When you work in a startup, there rarely is a significant budget all this; therefore, an arsenal of free tools could be of much use. Below are the 11 best free marketing tools that every startup can benefit from.

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