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How Transaction Flow Works in Hyper-Ledger Fabric

Example Hyperledger query

One very important aspect of the business which is as unexplored and interesting as the Internet itself is creating various forms of business models. These topics always keep me off the edge as I have grown a particular interest towards it over time.

BlogSaays already features a series of articles surrounding IBM Hyperledger and Blockchain services which allow business teams to develop business models. Be it deploying .bna files to creating Blockchain queries for your business, you’ll find it all on this blog.

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SAP ARIBA Make Procurement Awesome

SAP ARIBA Procurement

This article is something very unique, and interesting! There have been numerous business models, strategies, ideologies, and ethics that people take seriously to scale their business to greater heights. In the process, they often overlook some simple yet crucial aspects that can help make their journey a lot easier.

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How to Increase Speed of your Website

Speed website

If I am talking about increase website speed then everyone wants that their work should be done fast because this is a fast-growing world and everyone wants speed in their life.

Here I am going to talk about the speed of the website. Is really the speed of website matters? Yes of course if your speed is not appropriate then you will face these things:-

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WD My Cloud Home : A Powerful Way to Backup Your Multiple Devices Data

If there’s one thing that has shown a tremendously insane boost in technology, application, and adaptation to the developing world is data storage facilities be it both, physical devices or internet based storage solutions. In the past 20 years, as I have transformed from a young kid to a fully grown adult so have transformed these data storage solutions.

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The Top Car Apps That Can Help Many Drivers


As an individual, you understand how technology plays a role in your daily life. With different innovations, tasks become more comfortable, and you get to do more even with little time. Since you’re also a driver, you want to know how technology could possibly help you when you’re behind the wheel. You know technology can do that in a lot of ways. You might be heard about top car apps but it’s really important to understand which is best suitable for you.

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Technology Evolution in Ancient vs Modern Betting Games


Games have been around for thousands of years. When you think of betting you think of modern games like roulette and poker but people have been investing their money for a long time. This was popular in ancient Greece where people have been rolling the dice in hopes of big money for thousands of years.

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10web : All in One powerful WordPress Sites Management Platform


Internet technology has advanced to such an extent today that absolutely anyone in the world can create his/her own website in a matter of minutes and that too for free! There are numerous website building platforms in today’s date, each having varying difficulties, functions and features. Some platforms have been designed especially for beginners, while some are a bit complex and require you to have some knowledge about technical coding. WordPress Sites Management is another challenging factor.

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How to Become More Mature with Your Money Saving

money buy cloth

You don’t need to be any certain age before you can be financially mature and responsible. Becoming more mature and responsible with your money will go a long way in making all areas of your life easier and less stressful. Your whole lifestyle will start to change and you will never wish to return to your former way of life as soon as you begin to take steps toward being mature with your money.

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Fix Index coverage issues detected in Google Search Console


Recently Google released its new beta search console reports which helping webmaster to get more insightful information and activity reports of their content indexing. Today morning I received an email from Google stating that there are some “Index coverage issues” found on your website. Please fix it to avoid an impact on your SEO ranking. I was shocked and thought something messy happened, in response to this email I decided to check what exactly issue is and I opened my webmaster/ search console and found the following message.

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