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Updated on: May 1, 2023

Plagiarism is not a new word in the content writing market, but the concept has changed significantly with the entry of OpenAI ChatGPT in the market. Earlier, copying content from Google was considered plagiarism and it was easy to detect such content with regular plagiarism-checker tools. However, with AI coming into the market this became difficult. The reason is that AI content creation tools would gather information from multiple sources and change the word formation specifically to pass the test for plagiarism-checker tools.

This was yet an easier era for detecting copied content. AI-generated content was monotonous and rarely accurate with information. However, ChatGPT changed everything. ChatGPT’s language is way more precise and it has the ability to emote. Content generated by the new AI bot is written better than most humans could write.

This is where you need a smarter tool to detect AI-generated content and the most popular one in the market is Originality.ai. We will review this tool in this article.

Originality.AI Overview

Originality.ai is not perfect but way better than free tools. It would be correct 9 out of 10 times. I know of more accurate AI detection tools, but they are way more expensive. Also, those tools won’t help amateurs because they give detailed reviews

What is Originality.AI?Originality.ai Coupon Codes?

Originality.AI is a premium tool that detects AI-generated content and checks for plagiarism in articles. The platform can figure out if the content was written by a human or an AI chatbot. It has been tested to be fairly successful against ChatGPT-created content.


Features of Originality.ai

1. Individual content scanner for AI content detection & plagiarism checker :

If you want to check only specific content for AI detection then you must use this option. You just have to input the content. it has 2 parallel options for the detection of AI content and a plagiarism checker. Your credits will get deducted according to content size after a successful scan.

Originality.ai dashboard

2. Entire website scanner for AI content detection & plagiarism checker :

This is a bit expensive and overwhelming task. If you are looking to scan the content of the entire website then you can choose this option. This is a very time-consuming option if your site is having lots of pages.

Originality.ai entire website scan


3. Team member management :

You can invite your team member to access this account. It has 3 different membership roles, content editor, website manager & admin. Currently, only a content editor is available to use.

Originality.ai member access levels

4. API to integration within your application :

If you have some web apps or mobile apps where you want to check for User-generated content (UGC) is created using AI or not then you can simply integrate originality.ai API as a checkpoint before the approval process. Originality.ai have proper API integration guidelines & limitations.

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Why should you use & trust Originality.AI more than other ai content detection tools?

  • Answering a question with a question – what options do you even have?
  • Free tools are useless.
  • False positives are high and very common.
  • You cannot reply on free tools.
  • A Google search cannot check ChatGPT, Jasper.ai, or WriteSonic content for AI detection & plagiarism. Thus, the only option is to use paid software.

Other paid software tools for checking AI-generated content are very expensive. Thus, Originality.AI is the only worthy option in the market. It is also the most popular AI content verification tool.

How much does Originality.AI cost? Any discount code for Originality.ai

Originality AI works on the credit system. 1 credit allows you to check 100 words. You can buy 2000 credits for $20. This means 1 credit will cost you $0.01. Checking a 1000 words long article for plagiarism will cost you $0.1. isn’t this reasonable?

Other than this, you get 25 trial credits, but only for the first time.

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How to use Coupon Codes to get discounts on the Originality AI subscription?

As Originality AI is pretty cheap, it would be unwise to pay the full amount to buy the subscription especially when discount coupons are available. We have exclusive 2 discount coupons that have been verified to work with originality AI:

1] BlogSaays25: The BlogSaays25 coupon code offers a 25% discount. This means if the original price is $20, then after using this coupon, you will have to pay $15 only. This coupon seems to be relatively long-term since it is associated with an affiliate contract.

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2] EXTENSION50: The EXTENSION50 coupon code gives you a 50% discount with the first purchase. This means that if the original amount is $20, you would have to pay $10 only. However, this coupon seems to be a temporary one and might not work after some time.

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The pros and cons of Originality AI are as follows:

Pros of Originality AI

The pros of Originality AI are as follows:

1] It is pocket friendly: Amongst the reliable paid AI detection tools, Originality AI is the cheapest. Unless you are a professional journalist or publisher, Originality AI is the best bet.

2] It’s super easy to use: When I tried more expensive and complicated tools, I noticed that one must learn to use them. This is not the case with Originality AI. All you need to do is copy-paste the text and check for plagiarism. It will tell you a percentage score for stating whether it is human-generated content or AI-generated.

3] Relatively reliable: I tried testing Originality AI with, but ChatGPT generated content and human-written content. Most of the time, its prediction was correct. Rather, the only human-written content that was flagged was the monotonous one.

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The cons of Originality AI are as follows:

1] Only percentage-based review: Originality AI mentions the percentage of AI-generated content only and even that isn’t a perfect answer. As an example, if it suggests that 15% of the content is AI generated for a human-written post, then why would it believe such?

2] It supports English only: Originality AI supports the English language only and refuses to recognize other languages.

3] Chances of False Positive if the content is spun multiple times.

What is your experience with Originality AI? Please let us know in the comments.

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