Opera Mini 6 & Opera Mobile 11 Working Process- Demo on Nokia N8

Updated on: January 12, 2019

Ubiquitous Network increasing day by day in all over the world, especially in India the growth of mobility is very fast and rapid w.r.t population and large youth power.Now a days we find many mobile phones having GPRS or EDGE access,though3G is launch in india's most resgion people still using GPRS or EDGE because of Expensive 3G plans.

To  Save the Cost as well as data rate on GPRS network many private mobiles manufactures providing  OPERA-MINI a worlds most  popular mobile browser as default browsers in cell phones. If you have Smartphones   you find OPERA-MOBILE browser insted of  OPERA-MI NI.

Most of my friends ask me  that what is difference between Opera-Mobile and Opera-Mini?both of them having same look  same aim i.e Both having same User Interface  and browsing facility.But the answer to this question is though both are used for browsing the working of each one  is totally differences from each other.How ?I will Explain it..

Opera Mobile is the version of the browser optimized for use on mobile devices and tablets. It's got everything that you would expect from a regular browser, even using the same engine as the desktop version. In other words, Opera Mobile is as close as you can get to standard desktop browsing on a mobile device.

Opera Mini is the version Opera has released to make mobile browsing the fastest, lightest experience possible, saving you money in the process, especially if you pay for your mobile internet as you go. It does this by shrinking webpages down to a tenth of their size before sending them, which obviously makes for a much smaller, quicker experience.

as you can see from the following diagram the diffrence between Opera Mini and Mobile is the way the application access the website. While Opera Mobile is able to render the page by itself, Opera mini is using the Opera servers to render and compress the pages before they are being sent to the browser. you can also see from the diagram that the Oper’s mini turbo also using Opera’s compression servers.

Understanding the above one would expect to have some difference between the two applications.  It was very interesting to find that both browsers working pretty much the same and the only difference is the support of very complicate web pages. The opera mobile displays those pages properly while the opera mini didn’t display them 100% properly.

Pros and Cons :The opera mobile consumes quite a lot of memory and you might need to close some applications while using it. The opera mini consume much less memory and I didn’t occur any memory problems.

I am sharing the Snap shot of  Opera-Mini and Opera-Mobile  running on Nokia N8 with same network but giving the different IP-address due to above mechanism.

  • Snap of Opera-mini 6 on N8,Showing IP-address

  • Snap Of Opera-mobile 11 on N8,Showing different IP on same network

  • Snap Of default Browser of N8,Showing different IP on same network

Update of  Opera Mobile Browser:Opera Mobile 11  and Mini 6 are on very different version numbers, new update has brought the same changes to both. Both include improvements to make scrolling and zooming much smoother, something that really enhances mobile browsing. Added to this is new pinch-to-zoom functionality, something that users of other browsers missed when using Opera.

Also added is a TwitterFacebook and blogging share button, which is pretty essential for anyone with even a passing interest in social browsing. Finally, for all you lucky tablet users, Opera Mini and Mobile have also been optimized for Tablet PC use.

You can download both versions by visiting m.opera.com from your mobile.

Note: When using opera mobile browsers  please don't do any online transaction or e-commerce related activity.Your information may be saved on third party servers.

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  1. I always use UC web browser in my phone. I never try Opera mini after reading this post I want to take a look and try Opera mini. thanks saurabh.

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