Online Photo Sharing:Use a Tool and Play it Cool.

Updated on: May 18, 2013

The tools which are used for the purpose of photo sharing are generally the ones which help a person in organizing, displaying, editing, annotating, tagging, manipulating and other similar options.

  1. AMATUERS: The basic tools include resize, crop, rotate, brightness, contrast, auto fit, brush, inserting text, blur, sharpen, Polaroid, raise, raise like a frame and spread. These options need no description and are the basic ones which are generally used by and other person while editing and photograph.

Then apart from these, there are various other websites which help you in bringing a great change to your photographs. The different online photo sharing provides you with different photo sharing tools in addition to the above mention basic editing tools. Then there are enhanced portrait options as well as other artistic effects, texts and watermarks.

PROFFESIONALS:When it comes to professional photography, there are various specialized online photo sharing websites which helps the photographer to use the advanced tools in this regard. Using the websites for photo sharing which have technical tools help a photographer to portray their works in a very large scale. This also helps them in gaining professional acknowledgement.

Free Online photo Sharing tools

Free Online photo Sharing tools

Various websites in this regards provide unique facilities like:

a. The tools provided with these kinds of websites include the ones which help in addition of special effects or other which help in designing logos for photographs, collaborating one or more photographs with each other, finding colors etc. One such website is Aviary.

b. Besides this, there are other websites which will allow you to have fun with photographs. You can make collages and also you have the option of adding different background to your picture and make it hilarious. Apart from these, you may add different stickers, tattoos, bubbles etc. one such website is PiZap.

c. There is another kind of website such as snapfish and mixbook which helps in providing you with the unique tools of sharing. You may have ad-free galleries or photo albums. You may then use these tools to link your pictures with other social networking websites as well as blogs, message boards etc. the uploading and linking process with these websites are easy. The user interface in this regard is friendly as well.

d. Apart from the purpose of editing and organizing, there are other tools like the slideshow creators which are provided by a number of websites. Then there is similar kind of websites which helps to simply attach your pictures and then you can have your own view of panorama. Some of these websites also allow you to add your images to a map. This is usually done when you check in at a place and show you face.

e. Another category of websites help you to undergo visual tours. You may explore them using your digital cameras itself. These tools are associated with additional options of adding comments, tags and labels to your photographs. The implantation of 3D effect has also been facilitated by such kinds of websites. Different websites are MapWing and PicLens.

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Free Online photo Sharing tools
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