Online Entertainment & Gaming that helped people to deal with COVID Lockdown Blues

Updated on: July 9, 2020

Covid-19 is something that hasn’t happened for a century. Even though many of the restrictions have been lifted, there are so many things that we still can’t do. The pandemic is here to stay with us and we have to take precautions to ensure that we are protected. The world has changed a lot and lockdown has had a great effect on the mental psyche of the people. Thanks to the online entertainment that has helped to maintain our sanity.


This is the most common thing people have done in the lockdown. Music has the potential to ease your tensions and help you relax. Doctors advise their patients to listen to certain kinds of music to help them go through depression. Lockdown has been such a period where people were not allowed to come out of their houses and music has helped a lot to calm their nerves.

Gaming during covid


When it comes to gaming, nothing can take its space. Whether it’s the arcade games or any other, once you start playing, you will never want to stop. If you have plenty of time, that just adds to the fun. Lockdown was one such period when people were not busy and there was a lot of time. Gaming, according to a comprehensive research here, was one such activity that many people used to pass their time. This not only kept them busy but also sharpened their reflexes. Medically games can improve your reflexes.

Netflix during covid


Since there are no theatres open, everything that was to do was online. More and more people are online whether it’s the work or for entertainment purposes. Movies are one such option that keeps you entertained and not only that but also helps you with the depression. It is obvious to feel down during the time of lockdown, but if your mind is diverted to movies, it creates a different story in your brain that helps cope with depression.

Online casino:

When it comes to online casinos, there is nothing that can take its place. Many of the people used online casinos to acter to their gambling requirements. Since the land-based casinos were closed, the best option was to play the games online. The casinos not just helped them play the games but also allowed them to win extra money. The player sighs up on the casinos increased and in many cases, it was three times.

Learn a skill:

Ever since the inception of the internet, it has acted as a tool in terms of learning. As far as the lockdown was concerned, many people used the internet to learn new skills or to perfect the existing talent they had. It included dance classes or music. Teachers were offering free or paid classes on various websites that allowed people an opportunity to learn and enhance their skills.


Studying has become much easier. If you compare it with offline studying, it is much interactive and entertaining. During the lockdown, many of the institutions offered various courses online and continue to do so. The people who enrolled not just stayed away from the Lockdown depression and anxiety but at the same time managed to gain knowledge.

Social media:

Many social media applications saw a rise in use due to lockdown. Since people couldn’t meet each other personally, they used social media to connect. This made the distances smaller and helped people to remain in touch. Even though there were no physical meetings but the virtual ones surely did play an important part to keep us hitched with each other.


You can usually find almost everything on the internet. It has come as an advanced auxiliary to the television. More and more people preferred the internet over TV as they could not just watch their shows, but also be connected to their friends via various applications.


Even though the restrictions are ending, we will still need to be careful. There are certain measures that we need to take to ensure the safety of ourselves. Be it our offices or our homes, the protocols need to be followed so that the situation can be controlled and work completed. As long as the pandemic is there, we need to be vigilant about it.

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