How Technologies are Improving Online Dating for Blind People

Updated on: January 12, 2019

Few dating sites consider the interests of disabled people looking for a partner for a serious relationship. Dating site for a serious relationship “Adam and Eve” is a high-tech, "smart" site, in fact, the only site of serious dating that considers the interests of disabled people and believers. This is not a site for correspondence. On the contrary - it is a dating site for finding a life partner with a minimum of correspondence. Here is another great dating site, BridesDating, check it out.

Of course, this dating site is guided not by believers and disabled people. But it is also a dating site for all single people with serious views on marriage, family, and love. They do not discriminate against people with disabilities and just decent people who are disgusted with frivolity and debauchery.


This unique among the dating site's tool for collecting and analyzing information will help to instantly process the thousands of databases without missing any potential partner, and do this automatically in the future according to the program you specified. We do not promise to realize all your whims and dreams - we introduce ordinary living people to their own merits and demerits.

On this dating site, you will NOT find sexually anxious adventurers or killing time lovers of correspondence! You do not have to waste time on meaningless correspondence, empty hopes, fantasies, self-deception. While you are at it, check out tinder for all of your dating needs. You can search for the life partner only among the disabled or the entire database. You yourself set the search program!


Persons with disabilities can contact each other for free under the following conditions.

a) they are potential partners for each other.

b) both have a serious disability.

described it in their ads and noted the disability in the questionnaire part of the ad (preferably when creating the ad). But! Do not focus only on benefits - except for free correspondence in life there is much more! We advise you to read how to search for a life partner optimally! If you are interested exclusively in free correspondence without restrictions, without moderation, without any rules - please use social networks!


You should not concentrate only on benefits, limiting your thoughts. First, it is a trap - so you can inadvertently isolate yourself not only from the rest of the world but also from those who did not give up. On our site, we use the BILATERAL search algorithm of potential partners. If you define yourself as disabled, only those who are looking for a disabled person or choose "any physique" will be able to see your ad.

Secondly, this is a psychological loss, you knowingly recognize inferiority. It's one thing when disability is really noticeable at once: problems with movement, amputation, a severe form of cerebral palsy, blindness - nowhere to go. But it's quite another matter when a disability is little or no noticeable when you only need to take medicine, stick to a diet, do exercises, do not overload, wear glasses or a hearing aid. In such cases, benefits by correspondence will not be activated, and you only in vain restrict your access to the database and dramatically reduce your chances of success!


Remember: you are also people, no worse than others! Do not look HERE for correspondence, look for a soul mate. Believe me, communication is much easier to find than a life partner. Do not confuse these concepts! Instead, take advantage of the opportunities provided by our site to ALL people who want to help themselves and are able to do this: they can read, think and do something for themselves. Do not wait for a miracle - no one will do it for you! Analyze and optimize your ad, make it work rationally for you, not a day or two, but until you meet your pair! Analyze the announcements of potential partners, put yourself in their place, look at yourself and your ad with their eyes. And think about correspondence in the last place, about the benefits, too.

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