How Online Coupons Help You as a Blogger?

Updated on: May 18, 2013


[GUEST POST] I love researching and studying new ways to build a blog and grow an audience and one great technique I have discovered over time and that have been instrumental to the growth of my nutrisystem and medifast blog is the use of coupons. I keep on getting a lot of questions lately from people who want to know if coupons can be used to grow a blog and this article will be giving you some of the best ways using coupons can help you as a blogger.

Increase Online Traffic with Coupons

1.It can be used to Get Traffic and Subscribers

One of the major ways you can use a coupon to grow your blog is by using it to get traffic and subscribers to your blog. I know you might be wondering how coupons can be used to increase your traffic and subscribers but it is quite simple, all you need to do is run a contest in which you give the winner coupons for some great and expensive products. You should then work on getting a lot of people to participate and spread the word about this contest. You should also make it a must to share the contest article and subscribe to your blog – as time goes on more people will learn about the contest and eventually subscribe to your blog and as a result your readership will grow significantly.

Increase Interaction with online coupons

2.It can be used to Increase Interaction on Your Blog

Another way using coupons can help you as a blogger is that it can help increase interaction on your blog. All you need to do is run a monthly top commentator or top social media sharing contest in which you give the fellow with the most comments or with the most shares of your posts a prize. That way there will be great competition among your readers and over time you will have been able to increase interaction on your blog significantly.

Online Coupons Sales

3.It Can Help You Make More Product and Affiliate Sales

The final way using coupons can help you as a blogger is by helping you make more money. I have been able to use this technique effectively on my medifast and nutrisystem blog by giving people coupons to buy affiliate products. Giving readers coupons to buy my products works really great because a lot of them already want to buy these products, but by providing them with coupons I make it extremely easy for them to quickly buy the products and it becomes easier for me to make more affiliate income.

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Online Counpons
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  1. The 1st Point is Great most of the bloggers are using coupons for driving traffic and subscribers to their blogs and these coupons are also useful for others because when they can get a discount for a big priced product or service it really saves some money.

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