Easily Say NO to Bad Life Hacks in 2016

Updated on: January 19, 2016

This is just the beginning of 2016, a new year that you’d be excited about! Of course, at least some of you shall have taken up some New Year resolutions, as to make your life awesome. For instance, you would have thought of giving up the habit of smoking or drinking, or have decided to concentrate more on work, or to get the best of your life in this year! Well, whether you have taken up a resolution or not, you should think about one thing this time — Jugaad! It is high-time that we should take seriously the different kinds of Jugaads in order to know how futile they really are.


Getting the Thing Out of Jugaads

There are several reasons why Jugaads — some easy-to-do life-hacks that are often unreliable and problem-causing — became so popular in our Indian society! The first reason is so simple that human beings have a natural tendency to get things done without spending much time or effort and they often forget longevity of the chosen solution. You need to note that when we say ‘Jugaad’, we mean the half-baked hacks we follow and not the innovations someone does. And, the other reason is the socio-economical scenario of our population, the most of which belong to basic or common or upper middle class families.

In such a social condition, we people find it okay to stick on to some not-so-reliable Jugaads instead of following one fully-fledged solution. In case if you cannot find the presence of Jugaad in your life, we will talk about some common Jugaads we follow in the world of Smartphones, tech and all.

The Common Jugaads in Tech World

For instance, we are all accustomed to the task of downloading pirated software from web and using it in PC, so that we don’t have to pay for what we do. Of course, this is one of the most common Jugaads we’ve seen among both common and advanced users.


You would naturally know why this habit is questioned. It’s a fact that you would be able to get things done with the pirated stuff — such as editing a photograph or editing a video — but the tool is not at all reliable and you may even have some issues in the long run. As you can guess, the use of pirated software is supposed to give you some bottleneck when it comes to your privacy and online safety, for they are all set to track you down to the smallest level.


Quite similarly, some of try to get a brand-new locked Smartphone from another country — where it is available at a noticeably lower rate — and unlock or jailbreak to use it India. This trend is mostly seen when it comes to iPhone, as the particular brand is available at a lower rate in United States or so. So, what people do is that they contact a few of their relatives or friends abroad and tell them to bring an iPhone when they come. Of course, it’s clear that their final destination is some profit. Nevertheless, what happens in most cases is that the process of Jailbreaking as well as unlocking may get stuck in-between, thus causing an unexpected and intolerable problem in the end.


Another Jugaad is seen among most PC users out there. When they are not able to find the exact cable or some sorts of requirements, they do fix it some using some half-baked options. For instance, we have seen people who are not willing to correct the Earthing options, thus causing bigger damages to the computer and accessories. Of course, you may be able to save some money by not doing the stuff, but the hassle-level is way too high in the long run.

Indeed, this isn’t the end, because we have an unending passion towards Jugaads out there, and it’s hard to count all of them in. But, the thing of surety is that these Jugaads cause more trouble than they are expected to do. And that’s why we always prefer the no-shortcuts scenario.

Why No Shortcuts

Refraining from shortcuts is the first step you can take towards a happy, balanced and stable life in the long run. For it is known by all that good work is the result of hard work and consistency, following some not -complete life hacks is not the way you should opt when you need greater outputs. For instance, when you download pirated content on your PC, you not only risk your security and privacy but also disrespect the effort the developer or designer took for bringing out such a useful product or so. You don’t work without getting paid, do you?

[yframe url='https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93rmPxakndY']

Quite recently, we had seen a video released by Exide Life Insurance, which is about — and solely about — Jugaads. It was about a typical Indian person, who is accustomed to use Jugaads, from his childhood to even when he has his own family and responsibilities. Of course, it can let you learn how useless these Jugaads can be in the long run, for it is more or less necessary to follow the right path to reach the right destination. Or, you would have the same end as seen in the case of ‘Jugaadulal’, just as seen in the video. You can just have a look onto that short video to know how bad these Jugaads are, from the common man’s perspective.

Well, it has to be noted that Exide Life Insurance is a brand that has always given importance to #NoMoreShortcuts scenario, not only because shortcuts are bad but also we need a stable life. Of course, it’s essential to have a stable & reliable financial security, which you can acquire through Exide Life Insurance. The profit in the long run is that you don’t have to stick onto these Jugaads; on the other hand, you have the complete freedom to what you want to do, without making use of some half-baked solutions and all.

So, we have talked enough to drive you out of Jugaads, and to live a happier, stable life! Well, you may have stable & awesome 2016, following the right paths and right methods. We say once again, #NoMoreShortCuts in 2016.

Saurabh Mukhekar
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