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Updated on: October 28, 2019


Now a days Social Networking and online activities covering the major parts of the world,day by day the Social activities  & social service providers are increasing rapidly .Now we have 'N' number of accounts associated with 'N ' number of different  service providers like Facebook,Gogle+,Yahoo,AOl  etc. Internet increase very rapidly w.r.t Radio and TV,so the mobility is major factor behind the success of internet.Most of the peoples around the world are using smartphones/handheld devices to surf the internet and do various online activities like chatting and all.As many peoples using lots of online services,their must be a provision to centralize such activity in single platform,so for that mobile  Instant Messengers come into existence.

Like other services their are lots of  Mobile IM service providers  are available  like Nimbuzz, ebuddy, Digsby etc.but I especially prefer to use Nimbuzz  IM !!! Which is one of the best simple and secure IM service  for me .Nimbuzz is not implemented  for single purpose but it popular for its having lots of great functionality! which focusing on real time treds. Nimbuzz  was born in year 2006,which gain huge popularity with their better service.according to nimbuzz they are covering 25 K users daily ,which is really appreciable 🙂 I am personally  using this service since 2006. Nimbuzz also provide you the very cheap VoIP calling through your 3G-wifi network,you can make a free voip call to existing online nimbuzz users. Following are some features of Nimbuzz that I like most



  • Features of Nimbuzz that you never miss

1. Great dashboard UI, ability to integrate various chat services in simple and secure manner e.g Facebook,GogleTalk,Yahoo,AIM,MSN,etc

2. Free VoIP calling for Nimbuzz - Nimbuzz  & Cheap VoIp calling service for non-nimbuzz users.

3. Advance profile management and log management with support of Twitter stream integration.

4. Integration of BOT's :   BOT's are nothing but programing robots which are acting according to users input.Nimbuzz   N-world support lots of BOTS's like

Astrology Bot :  it used to know your horoscope

Cricket Bot : Use to know the current cricket score

Deal Bot : This is really best bot I have seen ever. It will give you the cheap deals in your area directly via email.I really love this service 🙂 Now they are performing some improvement in Deal bot.I highly recommended to use this service

nimbuzz deal Bot

nimbuzz deal Bot

[note] To enable bots service you need to navigate to N-world option from Nimbuzz setting [/note]

Downloading Nimbuzz: if you want to downalod nimbuzz for your smartphone then simply hit from your respective smartphone.Nimbuzz support major smartphone OS you can directly download it from below



  • Nimbuzz 3.3 for Symbain S^3 or Earlier Versions:

Recently nimbuzz team redesign the UI of nimbuzz for Nokia smartphones with major improvement w.r.t functionality and loo,her are some change log


  • Redesigned Home Screen for fast access to your favorite features
  • Three new icons added: Recent Chats, N-World and Groupchat
  • Block contacts that annoy you
  • New “Notifiable” icon – the green half moon
  • Change your password from the inside the app
  • 30% faster login

[note] If you are using nimbuzz and having some queries regrading its functionality or performance,suggestions  then feel to share it with us.We will forward it to nimbuzz team[/note]


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  1. This is a really good post. Must admit that you are amongst the best bloggers I have read. Thanks for posting this informative article.                                                                          

  2. Android VoIP is something that has started giving hard time to mobile network providers. Smartphones are getting cheaper which makes it common. People from Urban areas has already adopted long time, now it is spreading on rural areas.

    People these days are more keen for WiFi & 3G compare to cellular networks. When VoIP was restricted to PC it was kind a contaminated, now because of smartphone, people are using it and reducing their call cost.

    Anyways, thanks for allowing me to make my point, Very helpful post, keep it up!

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