What to Expect from New CCNA Certification & Cisco 200-301 Exam Questions?

Updated on: June 24, 2020

CCNA is an associate-level credential offered through the new Cisco certification program. It is designed to help the candidates demonstrate their knowledge and skills in the IT fundamentals. When you pass the required exam (200-301), you will earn your CCNA certificate with a validity period of three years. This sought-after certification offers you better opportunities in the competitive IT industry.

The old Exam-Labs.com certification path had nine tracks under it. The students could specialize based on their career goals at the time of passing the relevant exam. To obtain the old associate-level credential, the applicants were required to pass multiple tests. However, the new pathway has simplified things for professionals. Now, they only have to take one comprehensive exam to get their certificate. They also shouldn’t specialize at this level. The specialization option is available under the new CCNP track.

What should you know about Cisco 200-301 exam?

First of all, there are no prerequisites for taking this certification test. To enhance your success potential, it is recommended that you have a minimum of one year of work experience in the IT field, including your expertise in implementing & administering Cisco solutions. You should also have a good understanding of the exam topics before taking your 200-301 CCNA. The students should know about fundamental IP addresses. It is also important to note that CCENT is no longer an optional requirement for new Free CCNA . Moreover, it has been retired before the launch of the new test.

Cisco 200-301 has about 100 questions, lasts 120 minutes, and covers the basics of the latest technologies and software development skills. This role-based exam measures the real-world skills of the candidates. The areas covered under this certification test include network fundamentals, IP connectivity, network access, security fundamentals, IP services, and automation & programmability. To prepare for the Exam-Labs Cisco , Cisco recommends that the students take its official course: Implementing & Administering Cisco Solutions. They can find the details of this instructor-led training on the exam page. If you want to pass this test on the first try, you should take exam dumps to check your level of knowledge. These tools are designed to identify your strong and weak areas and help to improve those domains that require more attention.

CCNA-Certification 2020

What are career opportunities for Cisco CCNA certificate holders?

Earning a certification significantly increases your career potential in the field of IT. With the CCNA credential, you can get a good number of job roles. According to Payscale, the career opportunities and remuneration potential that you can have with your CCNA certificate are as follows:

  • Network Engineer: $74,000
  • Senior Network Engineer: $100,000
  • Network Administrator: $62,000
  • System Administrator: $64,000
  • System Engineer: $75,000
  • Information Technology Manager: $85,000
  • Information Technology Director: $104,000
  • CCNP Test

Different factors come into play when it comes to job roles and salaries. You should understand this so that you can have realistic expectations. Your years of experience count towards your earning potential. If you have two years of experience, for instance, you can’t expect to get the same as someone with six to eight years of experience even if you both have the same CCNA certification. The organization where you work will also contribute to the salary potential that you have. If you work in a mid-sized company, your paycheck may be lower than if you work in a multinational organization.

Do you need Cisco CCNA for your Cisco CCNP?

This is where the new Cisco program gets interesting. A lot of roadblocks have been removed from the certification path. Now, you don’t need to obtain CCNA before you can proceed with your CCNP exam(s). You can go straight to your professional-level credential and skip CCNA. The reason why Cisco has introduced this is that it can allow experienced professionals to get their CCNP based on the experience, skills, and knowledge they have gained in the course of their working years. This doesn’t mean that a fresh specialist cannot pursue CCNP. If you can study and pass the relevant test(s), you are eligible to earn your professional-level certificate. However, you will need to know the Download Free Cisco 300-415 Exam Questions content to pass your CCNP test.

Final words

You should also know that Visit Exam-Labs Page launched another certification track when it introduced its restructured program on February 24, 2020. This new path is called DevNet. It focuses on DevOps development and automation. So, if you’re just starting your certification journey, you may want to study all the options to help you make an informed decision regarding the pathway to explore.

CCNA Certification 2020 Questions
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