NEET 2018 Preparation: Most Reliable Mobile Apps to Crack the Exam

Updated on: January 12, 2019

Today we are here to present you top 3 mobile apps that will help you to prepare for NEET 2018. Before we tell you about these apps, let us first discuss the important role mobile apps play in your preparation.

Importance of Mobile Apps:

In this fast-changing digital world, mobile apps are very beneficial for everyone and when we talk about studying from them, the importance of these apps is automatically increased. These can make your study plan much easier than before. For example, the app will reduce your burden of carrying books everywhere for studies, as with the help of these you can get all the related information just on a single click on your smartphones.

One more advantage of a mobile app is that they are updated at regular intervals so you will be updated with the recent changes. Mostly the apps for preparation of exams provide you quizzes that can be very helpful for revision because if you even solve ten different questions daily, you will learn something and will also get an insight that if your preparation is going in a right direction or not.

Knowing the advantages of mobile apps, everyone will download one or the other app on their mobiles but choosing a right app for your preparation is also an important task. So, we are here to make your task easier and provide you with a list of best apps for your exam.

The top three mobile apps to ace NEET 2018 are:

NEET Learn -

Rating: 4.4


NEET Learn is a mobile app offered by Testpress for the preparation of NEET. At present this app has been installed by 5,000 - 10,000 users. It provides you with an All India Test series which is taken by more than 1 lakh candidates, so by attempting this test series you can find your rank among those students. This can help in boosting your confidence and you can improve in the sections you are lagging behind others.

This app also proffers subject wise tests so you can also test your preparations according to the subjects. For example, you can attempt a test only for Chemistry. You can daily get multiple choice quizzes on the app and your doubts will be cleared by subject experts.

A newly added feature in the app is that now you can also upload an image in the comment section. So, now you also upload the image of any question you want to ask the subject experts.

Aakash iTutor: NEET & IIT-JEE

Rating: 4.2


NEET & IIT-JEE is another good mobile app for your NEET 2018 preparation. It is an app offered by Aakash Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. Aakash Institute is a well-known institute for the preparation of IIT/JEE and AIIMS/NEET since 1988. It is a well- reputed institute, so the reliability of the app is automatically more than other apps.

It is also compatible with tablets, and PCs and can also be used offline in mode. This app provides you study material related to NEET and also provides you video lectures by Aakash faculties. It also has e-books and chapter wise tests. You can also choose a particular subject at a time and study the chapters of your choice. In case of doubts, you can easily clear your them with the help of Aakash faculties. A newly added feature in this app is that you can also purchase various available course packages from this app.

NEET 2018-

Rating: 4.4


Another app that can be helpful for your NEET 2018 preparations is NEET 2018 app. It is a unique app offered by Sana Edutech. Sana Edutech provides various other apps as well for examinations like railways, AFCAT, RBI and many more. So, it is one of the trusted and reliable mobile apps.

It provides you previous year question papers to make you understand the exam pattern and do your preparations for NEET 2018 accordingly. It also includes subject wise material. In addition to this, it also has subject wise quizzes that can help you in boosting your confidence for the exam.

The important features of the app include voice readout facility, you can share question and answers with your friends, you can comment and also upload an image in the comment box. It also has a feature of time mode exams with a preset time limit.

So, these were the insights of the top three mobile apps for the preparation of NEET 2018. Following any one of them, will allow you to prepare for the exam in a better way. All these apps have been downloaded by many users and have positive reviews about the facilities offered by them.  All are user-friendly and provide a wide range of services for its users. A mobile app can bring all the study material in your hands, but only to depend on the mobile apps is not the only thing you have to do for your exam. In this era of cut-throat competition, you have to be ahead of all the aspirants, so make a proper study plan for your exam.

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