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Mozilla’s Another New Release:Firefox Aurora,New Icon & Beta Build In May!


The Mozilla Firefox one of the best browser for developers and designers announced its upcoming version MOZILLA FIREFOX AURORA,which is the alpha build of its opensource browser.Version 5.0a2(Aurora), is designed to represent the first public glimpse of future versions of Firefox in an early, unstable form.

The release of Aurora at same time  with Mozilla’s announcement of its new  stable browser Firefox 4 ,will focussed on the rapid development cycle of Mozilla.thought  the release of Firefox 4 takes 2 years,this time Mozilla don’t want to take any risk in future release and development,so they plan to release the version 5,6,7 at the end of  year.Mozillians don’t want to loss their users as Google Chrome try to taking their place.

As a Firefox user I know that their accuracy and addons compatibility which is far better than the chrome.Nightly builds(development version 6) are private and shared only with developers. Previously, these nightly builds (codenamed Minefield) would slowly make their way to the Beta channel before they  migrating to final release. In order to speed up development  and testing  process, a new alpha module,Firefox Aurora, has been made available to the public to get an early brief of the latest changes under development process

Currently, there are no noteworthy new features seen in Firefox Aurora 5.0a2, although Mozilla claims it does include several  security ,performance and stability improvements. Firefox Aurora 5.0a2 is available as a free download for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, and like Firefox is open source.

If you do notice anything different between the current Aurora and stable builds, please comment below

Note: This is not stable version ,during browsing you may face some problems,you can claim them to Firefox

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