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Updated on: July 9, 2019

One of the best social media platforms that everyone is using today is Facebook. From the time it was launched the people keep it popular in the whole world. There are a lot of things to do using Facebook, it can be utilized into two, the first one is for personal purposes. This belongs to communication with other people by using messenger, become updated with other people lives or your loved one and also people can use it to call other people in any part of the world. The second one is used for marketing, there are a lot of companies who use this Facebook as their way to reach every customer that they have and to get potential customers as well.

People believe that it is one of the most effective ways in a personal or in business purposes. To keep in touch with other people outside the country may cost us more but with the help of Facebook, everyone can reach the world. Thus, Facebook reaches its popularity because of its features, the developer ensures to the people that this platform will enhance and develop different features from time to time. One of these is the new facebook Libra Programming Language

Everything About Facebook Libra Blockchain Programming Language

Facebook announced its fresh features and it is a new global cryptocurrency and programming environment called Libra. This facebook libra has its own capacity to let every individual buy products and money to people from other parts of the world. This Facebook Libra is similar to bitcoin but the only difference is that Facebook leads and operates Libra. Another thing is that this Facebook libra gives people the freedom and perks of using it with zero fees to every transaction an individual will have.

Libra’s has its own mission to allow a simple global currency and to enhance the financial infrastructure that will help to grants many people.  The currency that will be used by the people will be called Libra. This Libra currency is easy to use and simple, also Libra is accepted in all countries in the world. Another is that this kind of currencies is convenient to use and at the same time effective in wherever you are in the world.

Insights of Facebook Libra

  • Libra, is the currency that will be able to use by the people in every transaction.

  • Move, refers to the programming language for Libra and this usually is written in a rust language. For the reason, that rust has an excellent design, robust, and also it is fast secure to work. It is one of the most important factors in implementing custom transaction and smart agreement on the Libra Blockchain. This is created with safety and ensures that servicing the people is its top priority.

How to Setup Libra Core

  1. You can start setting up this Libra core by just changing to the libra directory and need to launch it with the script. Then, after that set up the dependencies.

Libra Move Programming Configuration

Libra Script Executes These Different Kind of Actions:

  • Installs rust up — it is an installer for the Rust programming language, which Libra Core is given in.

  • Installs the needed versions of the rust-toolchain.

  • Installs CMake — to control and handle the build process.

  • Installs protocol — a compressed file for protocol buffers.

  • Installs Go — for creating protocol buffers.

2. Build Libra CLI Client and Connect to the Testnet. Once the client joints to a node on the test net, you will see the different output. To quit the client at any time, choose and tap the quit command.


Create Your Own Wallet Account

Everyone can get their own wallet account by just registering your own profile. You just need to choose the command of creating an account then start it by using the CLI and will automatically update the blockchain itself. Then it will just create a local key- pair for the file and records.


For the transaction such as buying products online and sending money from other countries. You will also need to create an account for this kind of transaction, this needs a separate account but you don’t need to worry if you forget as it has a command for the account list.

Adding coins to the wallet

Just like with other cryptocurrency software you will also need to cash in for you to be able to use this kind of wallet. Libra has 0 as the index of a wallet account and 150 is the minimum amount that will be needed to a wallet.

Checking The balance

Everyone needs to check their balance especially some of the people are doubted because every transaction is through online. But there is nothing to worry about because this Libra cryptocurrency is created with built-in safety features. This is to guarantee every user and future users of Libra that their money is safe and protected.

Transferring money

It has the feature of instant transfer of money to other people. 10 libra from 0 accounts to 1 account. You just need to tap the button send money or transfer money to start the whole process. Once done, you can check your balance to make sure that the transaction is successful.

The Libra ecosystem helps a wide variety of developers, ranging from people who give to Libra Core to those who create applications that utilize the blockchain. The term “developer” describes all of these groups. Developers might:

  • Create Libra clients.

  • Generate applications to engage with a Libra client.

  • Write wise contracts to perform on the blockchain.

  • Distribute to the Libra Blockchain software.

Facebook Libra Protocol Move Language

What is Libra’s Ecosystem

  1. Clients, they are the one who makes the Libra cryptocurrency more meaningful and effective as well.

  2. Validator Nodes. are entities in the Libra ecosystem that generally decide which transactions will be given to the Libra Blockchain. The validators utilize a consensus protocol so that they can trigger the presence of malicious validators.

  3. Developers, the one who gives life to this libra facebook. They are the one who created this cryptocurrency and guarantee people that it is safe and secure to use.

  • Developer Can Build Libra clients.
  • Developers can Build applications to interact with a Libra client.
  • Developers can Write smart contracts to execute on the blockchain.
  • Developers can Contribute to the Libra Blockchain software.

We are really excited to build the best developer community to see the growth of Blockchain applications built on Libra.

Facebook Libra Programming Language
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