Why Moscow Affiliate Conference 2018 Had Been So Popular Till Now?

Updated on: February 11, 2020

Leadbit group recently arranged  Moscow Affiliate Conference 2018. I was wondering how to describe the aura of this amazing event. It was one of THE BEST conferences I experienced till now. It was a BOOM show, just like the Affiliate World Conferences in Russian market!

Moscow Affiliate Conference 2018 -3

Moscow Affiliate Conference is a live International event that features all the top affiliates and leading international affiliate networks from all over the world. Over the years, the event has been considered as a playground for blogging, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO & SMO consultancy experts around the globe. Popular names from the advertisers, publishers industries also grace the event.

International influencers and marketers delivered informative panel discussions and exclusive presentations for struggling entrepreneurs, noobs to learn the strategies that made them what they are today!

Moscow Affiliate Conference 2018

The 2018 edition of the Moscow Affiliate Conference was held on 29th March, 2018 in Moscow, Russia. It was a professional international seminar featuring leading internet personalities and attendees from the fields of affiliate marketing.

“stm” and “Leadbit” once again sported the tags of being the premium sponsors and for the first time, TopOffers pooling in as one of the main sponsors in this digital marketing extravaganza.

The event was a major International success as always as the world saw the entire “Blogosphere” and “Affiliate Nation” come together under one roof for 24 hours to explore and diversify the secrets and knowledge of Affiliate marketing, new trends and more.

Venue & Arrangements

The venue for MAC’18 was the plush and luxurious conference venue called Tesla Place, obviously in the capital city Moskva (Moscow).The complete address being Moscow, Shosse Entuziastov, 5, "Tesla Place"

Tesla Place was probably the grandest conference venue I could’ve have imagined. The first look of the venue from the outside itself gave me a positive vibe that something great awaits us inside.

Moscow Affiliate Conference 2018 stage

Entry tickets were free for everyone as usual, especially if you are a super-affiliate. Exclusive LIMITED DISCOUNT codes were offered by the organizers through a limited and exclusive stock of early bird tickets a few weeks before prior to the event. Volunteers and support staff were busy handling duties at the entrance and registration desk, verifying attendees and distributing entry badges and accessories to the guests.

Moscow Affiliate Conference 2018 Party8

The guest's lobby was smooth and luxurious. The ambiance was pretty royal and comfortable even with hundreds and thousands of attendees pouring in every moment. The main exhibition hall was massive to the eyes and even on paper as it stretched across 5000 m2 in area. No wonder it could house 3000 people with ease!

This year arrangements boasted of one of the greatest international pre-party for 400+ persons in CPA Loft to kick off the event. There was also an exclusive Leadbit Lounge followed by a state of the art After-party.

MAC’18 in numbers

The numbers were at an all-time peak at the MAC 2018. Attendees from more than 40 countries comprising of leading personalities from the world of blogging, digital marketing, affiliate marketing made their presence felt at this grand stage.

More than 3000 attendees graced the event this year, overshadowing the previous year’s attendance of 1800+ attendees by a mile. As a new addition to its cards, the event kicked off with an international pre-party for 400+ persons in CPA Loft.

MAC is TRIBE of all super affiliates, who smoke strategies to enjoy the show 🙂

Moscow Affiliate Conference 2018

First Ever Affiliate World Cup

Russia is hosting football world cup 2018 and MAC never disappointed any affiliate to enjoy this experience. Hence they arranged one of the best football matches between team"STM" and "Affiliates".

This match taught us how sportsmanship is really needed while doing affiliate marketing. Every move is important and every funnel of marketing is important like making Goal with strategies.

Everyone enjoyed the show and STM team leader Loz Green lifted the First ever Affiliate World Cup. 🙂  This match was kickstarted for MAC 2018.

Events & Highlights from MAC’18

Attendees from all corners of the globe got to network with many global companies that exhibited business strategies, experiences, and analysis of 50 exhibition booths. We got access to complete knowledge of the industry and connections with topmost marketers!

Moscow Affiliate Conference 2018 leadbit

As a new addition, the event featured a speed networking zone, insights from recognized world top speakers, more than 60 sponsors and representatives of 170 companies from all over the world.

The conference wrapped up with a state of the art After-party and Leadbit Lounge. We got to learn the latest affiliate trends in Russia on 2 stages filled with epic content and party until the wee hours which turned out to be one insane after party.

MAC’18 Gallery

Here are some super quick candid moments of crazy Russian parties and top marketing leaders enjoying the show.  Drinks, dance, magic, lucky draw, and whatnot? 😀 Everything in single the roof. One of the craziest and super sexy party executed by organizers of MAC.

If you are looking for some top quality and exclusive memories from the event, then visit their Facebook gallery through the link mentioned below.

MAC’18 moments and memories!

MAC Official App Launch

The organizers this year, went one step ahead with the official launch of the Moscow Affiliate Conference mobile app. You can download android app and ios app. The objective of designing this app was for you to see all the attendees, chat, advertise yourself, make an appointment and not get lost at the Conference schedule. A very smart marketing strategy indeed!

From finding traffic, leads or resources for your business, the MAC app will easily be your one-stop place where the traffic sources are ready to communicate. Its a beast for networking to drive more business.

Networking with genuine people is the only way to scale up in affiliate marketing industry. Because strategies matters with a supplement of execution to lead in this internet age.

Why You Should Attend MAC 2019 & Future Plans

I have been passionate about affiliate marketing since the very first day I got into it where I earned 2.5$ as my 1st affiliate commission in the year 2012. This event is an exclusive buffet skill, knowledge, expertise and success mantras for all those who are passionate about it.

Moscow Affiliate Conference 2018 -5

MAC’18 had its own class and panache. It had every element and the right atmosphere of the largest international conferences on affiliate marketing and digital marketing. It is a once in a lifetime experience, obviously because every succeeding edition of MAC is a masterpiece and overshadows the previous one!

I believe if you are from Affiliate industry or willing to dive into this location independent workspace then you should consider attending upcoming MAC conference which helps you to:

  1. Learn from experts and industry leaders.
  2. In person networking with advertisers/publisher help you to understand their statistics about the product and their promotion strategies.It also helps you to get best CPA, CPI offers from advertisers.
  3. You can understand Automation tools used by peer affiliates which will help you to speed up your business process.
  4.  Traffic & Media Buyers: MAC really help you to choose right media buyer for your lead generation or it also helps you to get in touch with people who sell/buy traffic w.r.t your niche.
  5. Blockchain in Affiliate Space: The no 1 thing many affiliate focusing on is Blockchain technology involvement in affiliate space as it will help both advertisers and publishers to have a seamless process.
  6. PPC Expert talk while promoting your products (Google Adwords/Facebook Ads )

As the event smoothly wrapped up through the after-party, the organizers made a silent, yet emphatic statement that the next edition will be bigger and grander than what we witnessed. I'm really LOOKING FORWARD TO IT, What about you?

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