Moscow Affiliate Conference: CPA,CPI & Blockchain Disrupting Affiliate Industry

Updated on: April 26, 2020

I suppose you must have read about the Moscow Affiliate Conference I had posted an article on a month back. It has been more than 2 weeks since the grand event happened on 28th September, 2017. The event brought the entire “Blogosphere” and “Affiliate Nation” under one roof for 24 hours and needless to say, it was a major International success as always.


I myself was honored enough to take part in this amazing event with a few of amazing people as well. So here I am with an expansive discussion about the Moscow Affiliate Conference, 2017. Let me tell you everything about my experience, the venue, hosts, sponsors, clients, speakers, panel discussions, after party and a lot more.


For those of you who don’t exactly know what this is all about, Moscow Affiliate Conference is a live International event that features all the top affiliates and leading international affiliate networks from all over the world. It is a grand scale event that is organized every year and the last one was held on 28th September, 2017 at Moscow, Russia.

Moscow Affiliate Conf 2017-main

The venue for this grand event was Moscow, 1st Zachatyevsky lane, bld. 4, Event-Hall “Info-Space” and the title sponsors for this event were “stm” and “Leadbit”.

Since this was a major International affair, the facilities that were organized were to make sure that is satisfying and comforts the purpose and interest of people belonging to all regions and languages. The event organizers arranged a lounge and meet up area for all the speakers and sponsors.

There were also various panel discussions by international and reputed experts, marketers, and influencers along with multilingual broadcasts with interpretation services for people hailing from different parts of the globe.

LeadBit Rock the Show

This is the second time this event has been held this year. The previous event was held on March 30 earlier this year and the premium sponsors for the event, a second time in a row were “Leadbit” and “stm.”

leadbit moscow

Leadbit is an International affiliate network of highly skilled affiliate managers with services spanning across 50+ countries and is direct advertisers in Europe, Asia, and Latam. They work with some very profitable verticals like

  • Nutra offers By Cash-On-Delivery Model and Trials.
  • 1–Click Flow & PIN Submit (Direct agreements with 1–Click Flow & PIN Submit mobile operators)
  • CPI
  • Sweepstakes offers are available in our system.
  • Gambling (They also have their own betting platform)

Brands that have tied up with Leadbit network services have experienced major success and boosted profits. The most successful ventures with Leadbit group are

  • Advertising network MediaVenus
  • FBilling mobile-focused affiliate network
  • MostBet betting company

To know about Leadbit group and their associated services, drop into their official website

Stm. group is popularly regarded as being the largest and leading affiliate marketing forum in the world. Their services comprise of over 180,000 posts, guides and case studies, which provide the perfect foundation for anyone who wants to take their affiliate marketing career to a higher level. It can be rightfully called the “Wikipedia for rising affiliates”.

The team at the event featured Stm Forum thought leaders and organizers of Affiliate World Conferences (Europe & Asia).Other major sponsors that were a part of this major event were

  • AdmitAd

Admitad is an affiliate marketing network that provides the right technology and services to advertisers and publishers to execute high yielding affiliate campaigns and brings them together. This network service was started by Russian Entrepreneur and market influencer Alexander Bachmann in 2009.


The idea behind Admitad was born when Bachmann discovered a gap in the Russian market in the niche field of Cost per Acquisition (CPA) affiliate marketing. He wanted to create a service that bridges this gap between advertisers, publishers, and entrepreneurs.

Hence, he decided to capitalize on the opportunity and acted fast. Today, it is the fastest growing affiliate network in the European digital market.

  • MGID

MGID is a global advertising network with its roots in Russia. They provide tailored solutions and high value of digital contents for advertisers, affiliate marketers, web marketers, brand managers, webmasters, online stores, performance-driven media buyers, and publishers on one integrated platform to create a native advertising ecosystem.

Their services work in two sets.

  1. Native acquisition for Advertisers

Helps their users create a meaningful and effective engagement with their brand by delivering the right message to the right section of the audience.

  1. Native acquisition for Publishers

Helps generate revenue and favorable profits with non-disruptive branded content specifically geared for your audience.

  • AdsBridge

AdsBridge is a premium class tracking software designed specifically got the magnates of the Affiliate marketing industry. It is an innovative mobile and web tracking tool that helps you efficiently track your traffic, get the most out of it and boost your success in the affiliate marketing.


This is a very unique tool that hasn’t been introduced before on such a major scale. Using AdsBridge you can save up to 30% on time management and spend 20% less on a tracker. This helps you effectively get ahead of your competition and succeed in business.

There are several major benefits you can get by using AdsBridge.

  1. Premium support
  2. Product training
  3. Special discounts and offers
  4. System customizations
  5. Assistance in moving campaigns
  6. Loyal pricing
  • Mobidea

Mobidea is an international Mobile Affiliate Network for affiliates and advertisers, focused primarily on CPA advertising, allowing the affiliate community to fully develop its inner skills and potential in order to make sure affiliates grow big and have a financially independent lifestyle.

Mobidea is a CPA affiliate network that specializes in mobile offers. They are working on a mission to

  1. Negotiate the best mobile CPA offers with premium advertisers
  2. Set the standards for affiliate payments.
  3. Keep on providing personalized support & account management.


Mobidea have a fast growing user base across the globe due to their highlight features like

  1. Daily payments with PayPal, Payza, Paxum, FirstchoicePay and wire transfers.
  2. They are the first Affiliate network to provide all the capabilities of a tracker within its network FOR FREE!
  3. 24/7 customer support in 5 international languages to provide the best assistance.
  4. Top converting offers with real-time optimization.
  • Maxsbounty

Maxbounty is widely regarded as the No.1 CPA network in the world. They are a performance marketing network, redefining the meaning of trust and relationship between affiliates and Advertisers.


They work on connecting trusted and skilled affiliate marketers with reputed trustworthy high paying advertisers on a cost-per-action (CPA) basis.

AdsCompass is an intellectual platform for traffic monetization. They have designed their automatically driven platform to provide their partners (Advertisers and Publishers) with great working conditions.

adscompass cpa

AdsCompass effectively helps bridge the gap between you and the advertisers and partners. They help you choose from a variety of ad types so that you discover the best and profitable solution for your company. Their services are known worldwide to help business start a successful monetization campaign.

Adscompass Team Moscow Aff Conf 2017

Adscompass Team Moscow | Julia Coe | Jitendra Vaswani

  • is an international Affiliate marketing Network for affiliates and advertisers, focused primarily on CPA, CPL and CPI advertising.

Their services allow the affiliate community to bridge the distance between themselves and vetted and high paying advertisers. have a 5-year experience in the field of CPA, CPL and CPI advertising and are known to have produced high-quality traffic for their customers and businesses.


Their highlight specialties include:

  1. Monitoring of all sources of traffic and approval of creative materials.
  2. An effective system of cost optimization.
  3. Rejecting of low-quality traffic for free.
  4. Personal acquaintance with partners.
  • Zorka

Zorka is a creative mobile performance agency, that helps effectively and rather efficiently promote mobile apps through CPI, CPA and RevShare models.

Zorka helps promote your apps and ideas through effective strategies to ensure maximum outreach and bring out the best possible results. Their highlight services include.

  1. Influencer marketing
  2. CPI, CPA user acquisition
  3. App Store optimizations and Apple search ads
  4. Video advertising
  5. Media planning
  6. Media buying
  7. Purchase quality control
  8. Effective use of Anti-fraud systems FraudScore and Forensiq
  9. In-house technology for optimizing purchases and traffic quality control
  10. Over hundreds of successful campaigns for large clients worldwide
  • Traffic Stars

TrafficStars is an International self-serve proprietary ad network which was specifically developed to provide technical and marketing solutions to Advertisers and Publishers all across the globe.

For Advertisers, their services include CPC and CPM based campaigns and numerous cost-effective ad formats including lower prices that are managed by real-time statistics and sophisticated eCPM algorithms to yield you the best results.


For Publishers, their services include high impact ad formats and advanced monetization platform. Along with this, they focus on ad safety, direct partnerships with Advertisers and great performing ads.

AdvertMobile, as the name suggests, is an International agency that helps in Android and iOS mobile app promotions. You pay only for the installation (CPI). Their prime aim is to promote effective promotion with a small budget.

advert mobile

They provide the best market prices and have free useful tools for analytics for the efficient promotion of your app. Their user base ranges across countries of Europe and Asia, including major markets like USA, Russia, India and more.

Visit the AdvertMobile official website for more information on their terms, services, pricing, etc.

AdvanceTS are an International advertising agency that helps its customers in the right and successful advertising material and campaigns so that you save your valuable time and money on trials and testing.


Their services and highlight features include:

  1. Quick search and analysis of trends and offers.
  2. Analysis of competitor’s advertising on the domain.
  3. Selection of effective creative from teasers and social networks.
  4. Vkontakte and Instagram community analytics.
  5. Search for working advertising posts on Vkontakte and Instagram.
  • NUTRA Affiliates

NUTRA Affiliates is an international chain of fully automated nutritional and dietary supplements with a Complete FDA registered and Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) production facility.

This agency is capable of producing a wide variety of quality products, in all dosage forms, at competitive market prices to ensure maximum sales and profits.

NUTRA Affiliates are also tied up with Leadbit group on a COD business model as well.

Visit the NUTRA Affiliates official website AffilateNutra for more information on their terms, services, pricing, etc.

We also meet some amazing affiliates from Italy who are doing a very good campaign with NUTRA, you can signup for more great offers and deals from their end.


During the event

The event, while it was running, was a hustle bustle of people and affiliate specimens from all across the globe. The venue was well organized with good food & drinks during lunch. Agenda was clear and though the majority of the speakers were Russian speaking, we got translation units so comprehension of their words was not at all a problem.

Facebook Advertising Expert talks :

Affiliate marketing conferences are not exciting without Facebook Advertising experts. Here also I got to meet two great people in the industry.

  1. Eric Dyck: Who is a founder of iStacktranning, iStack Training gives the most immediate, current, and viable techniques for building campaigns, local reach, and realms on the online. Regardless of whether you need to figure out how to benefit from mobile advertisements, versatile native ads, Facebook CPA, web-based business, copywriting, or organization building.
  2. Christina Szekeres FB Queen: A most popular independent "Super Affiliate" women in Facebook advertising space.  She has been maintaining her own advertising business for a long time. Her principle center has been running CPA offers, for example, nutra, lead age and downloads crosswise over different paid activity sources, for example, PPV, coordinate media purchasing and informal organizations.She has an unrivaled GOAL digger, hawker and 100% inspirational state of mind. Fb-queen

The Blockchain is Reshaping Affiliate Space

No doubt blockchain is future of affiliate marketing ecosystem, in Moscow we are glad to have great meetings with few amazing folks who are working on super awesome blockchain products for affiliate marketing world. Though it's in very early stage surely we will see some impact of blockchain technology in this industry.


1. Decentralised CPA Network using Blockchain.

Affiliate marketing is considered as  $10 bln online advt. industry, It's totally centralized by the power of major affiliate networks ecosystems. Majority Networks connect businesses with traffic owners on a centralized system, then analyze all financial reports and data on their servers. This may lead to unfairly act from their side.

Affchain - Decentralised CPA Network on Blockchain

Despite huge demand to crypto, there is still an enormous gap between existing success and mass adoption. The industry needs new non-institutional traffic and professional affiliates from adjoining fiat verticals can fill this gap when they can experience the benefits of blockchain and crypto for their venture. Valdimar Moscow

I had a great conversation with Ivan Maslennikov (Founder & CEO) & Vladimir Karishev(CBDO) during our private meetup, very soon we will publish our video interview in our upcoming blockchain for advertising sector articles.
Ivan told me they are very confident about their ICO and their roadmap is pretty clear about. Having some awesome GOLANG developers in Prague who was Ex-Google employees, putting extra feathers in their long-term plan to disrupt this industry.

2. A Blockchain based new application from a lead-bit group.

NAU directly connect customers with retailers using their blockchain based ecosystem which will eliminate the middle person. This product is very promising in the retail sector where centralization is removed with more transparent and quick approach of making business. Blockchain

NAU blockchain is built on top of Multichain technology, NAU utilizes the advantages of the blockchain innovation to guarantee the straightforwardness of all installments and commissions, and furthermore makes it conceivable to process rewards paid by retailers specifically to the qualified partners.

During Event :

On event, networking with thousands of international affiliates and influencers helped to schedule private meetings with many clients like

Admitad  &

Leadbit group.

There was also a special Facebook advertising session from Eric Dyck & FbQueen, which was actually great as mentioned above.

MAC After-party

The MAC After-party was an extravaganza in its own self. Whoever has said it, had said it right.

After all, informal communication is the key to the success of any business!

Luckily we made it and we enjoyed it! The MAC After-party completely made sure that the event should not just remain a pure suit-boot office conference. The main event conference slowly and gracefully slid into a full-fledged crazy party with an abundance of guests, beautiful girls, unlimited alcohol and hookahs (Shisha), Entertainment & dances and GoT charters for fun with some gorgeous and sexy models for entertainment. There was even a lucky Draw of a crazy dance competition with the winners getting an Apple iPad.

Moscow is the place for food and drinks. So of course, there was some really tasty and amazing Food with lots of crazy drinks. It’s a proven fact that this kind of an environment always provides an amazing atmosphere for high-end business networking, people speak well when they drink and eat well.

All in all, the Moscow Affiliate Conference 2017 was a wonderland experience for us. It was truly nothing less than a dream come true to be part of such a massive extravaganza and stand toe to toe with all top magnates of the Affiliate marketing world under one roof.

Some tips to make your Conference Successful

1. Know the audience, advertisers & networks you want to meet in your niche.

2. Find right person from social media or conference networking app and setup meetup during an event.

3. Prepare queries what you want? Make questions related to your problems in the verticals.

4. Exchange business card which is having your PHOTO. It really helps us to recognize the conversation using face identity than the name.

5. Afterparty: Setup private meetup to discuss business deals in more details.

6. Follow Up, Follow Up and Follow Up. [ Dont spam 🙂 ]

Hence, from this moment onwards, I am eagerly waiting for the Moscow Affiliate Conference 2018.

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