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Updated on: June 6, 2020

Travelling is one of those rare times when we get a break from our daily lives and get the opportunity to try out new and exciting things. Equally, there can also be times when travelling can get dull, which is why you need to prepare yourself with plenty of items to keep you occupied.


One of the most popular items that we always have with us is our smartphone. So, why not pack it full of entertaining and useful apps for your next road trip. To help you out, here are some of the best mobile apps this year.

Hostel World


If you have set off on an epic adventure, then you will only be too aware of the costs along the way; from fuel to restaurants, it all adds up very quickly. One of the most economic ways to take on your road trip is to stay in hostels along the way. They are generally cheaper and you will get to meet some amazing, likeminded people along the way. So, the question is where to stay? Well that is where Hostel World comes in. The app is free to download and will tell you where the best hostels are located along your road, also include cheap places to eat.

Travel Safe Pro


Let’s face it, travelling can have its ups and downs and when those low points hit you will need to know how to stay safe. This is never truer than when your road trip takes you to foreign climes. Travel Safe Pro is only $0.99 to download and may become your life line in the worst case scenario.

This app offers you a list of all the emergency numbers across hundreds of continents, along with tips about travelling safely. This can include information on items you need to carry; in France you need to have high visibility jackets and breathalysers. Worth the dollar you will spend on the app.

Mobile games

Mobile casinos have increased in popularity over the past few years and it is easy to see why. They are the perfect choice for those of us looking to while away a few hours or simply have a quick game on our lunch break. During your road trip, there may be many moments when you have a spare hour to kill before you have to begin driving again; this is the perfect opportunity to try your hand at some classic games. From Texas Holdem through to Hot Gem slot machine.


Foodspotting android

Along the way you will be looking for those hidden gems, from sights to be seen through to the local cuisine. Well if you are looking for the best in local eateries, then Foodspotting will give you all the information you need to hunt out those restaurants that are within your budget. This app works by telling you what is available close by that is within your budget, so if you only have $30 to spend, you will know the best places to stop off at. Clever and useful.

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  1. They are all must have apps for travel, very useful, but why didn't someone combine all these features in just one app already !!
    everybody is looking for app ideas to build , will some please build a multi-app for all of this and please add currency exchange to it and some basic body-language relative to some countries.
    that would make it the most perfect travel app ever, haha
    Many thanks and Best wishes!

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  3. Great list, but I think I would add a currency converter app as it is very useful on a road trip to a different country 🙂

    1. Yess.. this is really important. We didn't include this because Google does it on the fly with Search Cards. Currency converter search card is really useful. You just need to search xyz currency to yyy currency conversion

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