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New Mobile Conferencing App launched For Blackberry



Just before some days RIM (Research In Motion) has released its new conferencing app in the App World. This App will be available in North America and Canada only. The  very simple user interface of this app makes it more user friendly. The app introduces a single ‘Join Now‘ button. With the use of this button you can join conference with only a single step.

Front screen of the Blackberry conferencing App

Also the new App has an option for scheduling the conferences along with Blackberry calendar and conference call profile of user. Also support for many leading conferencing systems has been provided. It is designed in such a way that it will support audio bridges which will require a bridge code, access code or a pin code.The scheduled conference calls on phone are automatically unified with the email app on Blackberry. You can schedule you meetings even from a computer. This app will send the invitations to the members of the conference and they will be able to join the meeting with a single click.

Requirements for Conferencing App:

BlackBerry OS 5 or higher.

To download the app Click here.

For more information Click here.

[note]This Facility is available to only US and Canada User[/note]

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