Mahindra Blazo : 1st Smart truck with Mileage Guarantee

Updated on: July 4, 2022

As you know, Mahindra is one of the most trusted manufacturers as it comes to truck and bus! Across the various sectors of India, we can find Mahindra’s trucks dashing on the roads. If you ask those who work in the field, they will tell you a lot about the trucks and how good they are in action. Now, however, Mahindra Trucks are on something a lot more innovative — Smart Trucks. Recently, the company had introduced its all-new range of Smart Trucks, called as Mahindra Blazo. These trucks aim to provide high-level performance and smart features, as to have a smooth and effective trucking along with fuel saving. Recently I got a change to explore this smart beauty at Mahindra Chakan plant, we shall have a deeper glance on Mahindra Blazo, which is perhaps the first range of smart trucks to invade the Indian roads.

Mahindra BLAZO Smart Truck

BLAZO the Modern Smart Beauty 

Recalling what we said, Blazo is the name for the latest set of trucks that are manufactured by Mahindra Truck and Bus. Obviously, there are many trucks from other makers, but this one is quite different in several aspects. On top of all, Blazo Trucks integrates several smart features, which help the customers to achieve certain goals — such as an option to preserve fuel, enhance performance depending on the purpose. It needs to be noted that there are several trucks available in the Blazo series, made to suit different needs.

Mahindra Blazo Fuel Smart Truck

For instance, Mahindra Blazo 25 is a truck that can do well for parcels while the Blazo 37 maintains the best space for handling heavy loads. It is up to you to choose the appropriate truck for the purpose, but regardless that, you get all the smart features. Obviously, specifications do change across trucks — so does the price you need to pay. Coming from the Chakan Plant of Mahindra, these trucks are made using the state-of-the-art technologies and with unseen precision. Now, let’s see what makes Mahindra Smart Trucks really Smarter.


mPower FuelSmart Engine

You know that an engine is the most important part of a truck! Mahindra has paid much attention while building the mPower FuelSmart Engine for all the Blazo trucks. Talking of the engine, it’s powered by CRDe Technology. It consists of an Electronic Control Unit, which takes care of the different sectors of the engine, using various sensors.

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There are different sensors in use, such as the Engine Speed Sensor, Rail Pressure Sensor, Oil Pressure Sensor and Accelerator Pedal Sensor. Fuel and power management is done with the help of the input received from these sensors. The Fuel Injection has also become electronic, meaning that the injection would be as precise as possible. In short, the engine is quite different from the traditional mechanical engines you have seen in old trucks. It gives a lot of productivity, in addition to the smart control.

Mahindra Blazo Fuel Smart Truck

Different Performance Modes

In the dashboard of Mahindra Blazo Smart Trucks, you will find different switches to choose appropriate driving mode. It is essential to learn about the modes before you start trucking. The modes are Light, Heavy and Turbo. The first one is to be used when there’s no load in the truck while the Heavy Mode is suitable for the on-load mode; this one gives best performance depending on the running environment. The third option — Turbo Mode — is for an ultimate level of performance, with best-possible speed; for instance, if you are driving through the mountainous areas, it is good to use the Turbo Mode. Not all modes will be available on all trucks.


So, depending on the running scenario, you can pick one of these modes. These modes work with the help of mPower FuelSmart Engine, thus aiming to achieve least fuel consumption and better performance. It is quite easy to toggle between these modes, thanks to the intuitive smart dashboard in use. In short, you get better speed, better performance and the least possible fuel usage. Doesn’t that sound good?

Mileage Guarantee — Mahindra Means It

Well, this is something that you can find only in Mahindra Blazo trucks. To be put in simple words, you will get your money back if the Mahindra Blazo Smart Truck is not able to give you better mileage than other vehicles in the same class. Of course, there are some steps, terms and conditions and options involved in the claiming process.

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But, what needs to be understood meanwhile is that Mahindra is quite confident about the mileage the engine can offer. As if it is not enough, you can seek the testimonials from existing customers of Mahindra Blazo Trucks, who would love to give those trucks a five-star rating. Read it with the mPower FuelSmart Engine, and you will know why Mahindra is so confident about its vehicles.

Mahindra Blazo Fuel Smart Truck

48-Hour Uptime Guarantee from Mahindra

Mahindra Truck and Bus guarantees that service will be available in the time of 48 hours; that is two days. If your truck gets broken down at a highway or so, the service team will visit your vehicle and do the necessary. If the firm is not able to do that, the customer will be receiving a compensation of 1000₹ per day. Here too, it is not about the compensation that is involved. On the other hand, you can be clear about the fact that Mahindra Service will be at your access, wherever on the highways.This is real masterpieces for such kind of vehicle. Dr. Venkat a man behind Blazo impress us with his real confident answers which will definitely help Mahindra to attract quality consumer base.

Mahindra Blazo Fuel Smart Truck

Driver Information System — the Smartest Driver Dashboard

With Mahindra Blazo trucks, you don’t have to look at the old ways of dashboard. Along with the smart features, the company has included a Smart DIS — Driver Information System — which gives comprehensive details about current situation of the vehicle. The options include speed, RPM, temperature rate. In the included LCD screen, data such as air pressure, fuel consumption rate per KM, average speed etc will be shown. In a single look, the driver gets a brief overview of the vehicle, engine and other parts — thanks to the precise sensors in use.

Mahindra BLAZO Fuel Smart Truck

Talking of the cabin of Blazo trucks, the top-model vehicles have Air Conditioned Cabins. So, the drivers will have one smart, smooth and fresh trucking experience with the trucks. We had

I’m blogging about my exclusive experience at the Mahindra Blazo Smart Truck manufacturing unit with BlogAdda

Reviewing all these features, we can say that Mahindra Blazo is indeed the smartest range of trucks we’ve seen. The features are not for show — they do work well in real trucking life and aim to provide better output at the low levels of engine consumption. It’s a real use of smart technologies, and welcome to the world of Smart Trucks!

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