Live Dealer Casinos - A luxurious alternative to Slot Games?

Updated on: October 13, 2020

If you’re a casino aficionado, we are sure you’re aware of all the newest additions online casinos present to their players. One of those additions aimed at better simulating the glamour of land-based casinos is the introduction of Live Dealer casinos.

The iGaming industry is constantly looking to improve the way it communicates with its customers and it tries hard to create an authentic casino experience and translate it to the online world. Live Dealer casinos can be a platform on their own or, more frequently, they are integrated into an already existing online casino. That doesn’t diminish the casino experience for the players in any way.

If you want to ramp up the excitement while playing your favorite casino games, live dealer casinos are the way to go. Furthermore, this option will give you the real casino experience and you won’t even need to leave your home to do so.

What Are Live Dealer Casinos?

Live dealer casinos work a little bit differently than regular sections of an online casino. All the action is happening via live stream in real time. This is a more interactive version, as you will be able to communicate your steps in the game to the live dealer.

If you’re wondering what types of casino games you will be able to play, look no further. Live dealer games are the ones you would normally be able to play if you go to a land-based casino. That includes, but is not limited to, live roulette, live blackjack, live poker and live baccarat.

As you can see, these are the most popular casino table games. When you play these games, it almost feels as if you're playing in a world-class Las Vegas or  Atlantic City casino. Or you can travel overseas, straight into luxurious Monte Carlo casinos.

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How Do Live Dealer Casinos Work?

If you prefer having that human touch while playing casino games, then live dealer casinos would be the better option for you. Of course, there is a factor of the legitimacy of a game. The fact that you can see a person shuffle a deck of cards or spin the wheel will put your mind at ease. You can even communicate with the croupier and ask for advice on how to play.

So, how to get started? First, find a live dealer casino you want to play in. Then, based on your preferences, choose a live dealer game. For a smooth game, you will need a strong internet connection. Of course, you should also set your limits in terms of finances.

In live dealer casinos, the house edge is lower and more player-friendly. This is mainly because, nowadays, there are a lot of live dealer casinos out there, such as Captain Spins which accepts players from around the world, and one of the ways to attract players is to lower the edge in casino games.

What’s Better — Live Dealer Games or Online Slots?

In this particular case, you are the one who knows that best. Here, we can give out some pointers, but ultimately, the decision is yours. Online slots are the most common type of casino game you will find on any gaming platform. An online casino can offer thousands of online slot games.

Slot games have developed quite a lot throughout the time. Now, you can find various types of online slots with the most innovative themes — 3D slots, progressive slots, video slots, fruit machine slots, and so on.

On the other hand, if you enjoy playing classic casino games, live dealer casinos might be the way to go. They definitely offer a more immersive and interactive casino experience. In case you aren’t certain which you prefer, you are free to do research, try out some slots, play live casino games, and simply see what suits you best.

Are There Live Dealer Casino Bonuses?

Having a variety of live dealer casino games sometimes isn’t enough. That’s why live dealer casinos turn to bonuses and promotions in order to attract new players. These bonuses are a way for players to get the most out of a game. You won’t find any bonuses in any land-based casinos anywhere in the world.

So, let’s see what types of live dealer bonuses exist. The first type is a welcome bonus. It is reserved for new players and they are usually very generous. We’re talking about deposit match bonuses or no-deposit bonuses. They are the perfect option for getting a jump-start on your casino experience.

Other types of bonuses are usually labeled as “loyalty bonuses” and are given to players who have been actively playing in a live dealer casino. In any case, before you grab any bonus, read its terms and conditions. Almost every bonus has wagering requirements, so make sure you can fulfill them.

In the end, if you’re on the lookout for an authentic real-casino experience, but you also don’t want to leave your home, live dealer casinos are your best bet.

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