List of Midjourney Banned Words in 2023

Updated on: May 25, 2023

Let us be honest for a while and confess that we all have misused the internet and stepped into the prohibited zone. It’s the basic nature of people to be intrigued by acts that society deems inappropriate when they are in private settings and certain that no one is watching them. It isn’t surprising that adult websites are amongst the most viewed ones online.

List of Midjourney banned words in 2023

When AI technology was launched for image creation, I knew that countless people would try to fulfill their fantasies by creating “art” straight out of their perved minds. Now if you allow this, AI image creation websites like Midjourney wouldn’t remain a family platform any further. Thus, as obvious, Midjourney tries its best to prevent people from creating images that could be inappropriate for the community.

Why does Midjourney ban words and why does their team keep updating the list?

If you have ever created AI-generated images, you would know that the images are created through “prompts.” These prompts are words used to describe the image and the properties of the image. You can also add negative prompts to negate the traits that you definitely don’t want in your image.

However, people keep trying till they find loopholes in the current list and somehow sneak in using words that are similar to the banned phrase but not yet banned itself by Midjourney.

What types of content are banned from Midjourney?

The following types of content are banned from Midjourney:

  • Anything which is disrespectful, abusive, aggressive, or implies bullying.
  • Anything which describes violence.
  • Adult content.
  • Gore or disturbing content.

If you are trying to create AI-generated images through Midjourney, then please avoid the following words while creating the prompts:

  1. Words describing drugs
  2. Words that are considered a taboo
  3. Words indicating nudity
  4. Words referring to body parts
  5. Words that indicate adult content
  6. Anything that is Gore

1] Words describing drugs

The word “drugs” has a vast context and could also refer to pharmaceuticals. However, Midjourney banned it along with a few other known opioids. The list of banned words related to drugs are as follows:


This excludes many intoxicants and creators have been able to exploit that loophole for image creation.

2] Words that are considered a taboo

While discussing in a general context, we often use words like Nazi, Fascist, etc. It is hardly considered taboo, but Midjourney has its own policy. Also, words like arrested, jail, etc are very normal and might be useful for creating images. Midjourney has banned those too. If you wish to create an image of an inmate behind bars, probably, you will need to use a different set of keywords.


Personally, I believe that Midjourney has been very strict with words considered taboo.

3] Words indicating nudity

If Midjourney had to be misused the most for a specific niche, then this niche would be nudity. People have tried very hard to create nude images using Midjourney, and some had success with the same. However, Midjourney has become very strict on the subject. The following words are banned by Midjourney.


As you can read, most of these words are not even referring to nudism. Eg. Speedo, clad, bra, etc. However, since Midjourney wants their platform to be appropriate, the filters are very strict.

Some users tried to bypass these filters by using words to imply breastfeeding, childbirth, etc. Now, Midjourney permits these prompts with other prompts which are informative. However, if used standalone, anything pointing towards nudity is banned.

4] Words referring to body parts

When I write body parts, I obviously don’t mean hands, feet, head, eyes, etc. We all know what it refers to. Genitals and other organs which are NSFW are disallowed from Midjourney. The list of banned words are as follows:

Body parts

I didn’t know the word “thick” is NSFW, but I guess Midjourney will allow it if other prompts are appropriate.

5] Words that indicate adult content

If you are planning to create NSFW content using Midjourney, then consider it a tough challenge. NSFW words are banned and especially those indicating carnal acts. The list of adult words banned on Midjourney are:


I wonder what I could write if I actually needed an image of a “dog collar.” Though I totally respect Midjourney for having its own reasons.

6] Anything that is Gore

Midjourney does not allow the creation of disturbing images. The reason is that their platform is family-oriented, and everyone gets to view the images. Thus, gore content is banned. The disallowed words are as follows:


Most of these words are rightfully banned.

How to escape the Midjourney filter?

Honestly, it is very tough to escape the Midjourney filter for two reasons. All images generated by users are visible to the community and they can easily report it. Your account can get banned and so can the words you somehow sneaked out to create the images.

But if a method was to exist for escaping the Midjourney filter, it would be to find words that haven’t yet been banned by the AI image-generating tool.

Other than this, the existence of countless other options in the market to create AI-generated NSFW content should be a sufficient deterrent from spoiling the Midjourney community.

List of Midjourney banned words in 2023
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