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Updated on: November 15, 2017

With several equations, reactions, chemical names, and formulae, chemistry has become one of the most feared subjects amongst the students. The lack of interest and thorough understanding of the concepts are one of the main reasons that students dislike the subject and avoid studying it.

The limitation to the traditional learning methodologies is what affects the engagement of the students and eventually lead them to avoid the subject. So, the need to integrate technology into online education and make students love what they learn has been one of the most discussed topics among the educationists for years.

Byjus app

With the objective to make learning more effective, student-friendly and engaging, Byju’s- The Learning App was launched. With various engaging video lessons, the app was downloaded by several students to learn various topics easily. Numerous positive Byjus app reviews reflect how the students are enjoying learning chemistry in an engaging way. Here are some of the unique features of the app that helps the students to learn chemistry more effectively.

  • Detailed Visualisations and In-air Projections

The videos in Byju’s app include 3D animations to help the students visualise the concepts and learn in a more effective way. The topics like carbon cycle, atomic structure, etc. becomes extremely easy if visualised in a proper way.

  • Universally Brain-mapped Lessons

The lessons in the app are brain mapped to help the students learn every topic from scratch. The brain-mapped lessons also make sure that the students can easily interpret all the concepts used while explaining a particular topic.

  • Incorporated Adaptive Learning

Byju’s app has incorporated adaptive learning to make learning more personalised and student-friendly. With adaptive learning, the capabilities of the individual students are focussed and their respective needs are catered. Now the students can learn according to their own pace and convenience.

  • Several Test-Series with Detailed Analysis

Numerous tests are provided in the app that the students can take for self-analysis and know their respective preparation levels. The tests are also adaptive i.e. the difficulty level changes according to the response of the respective students. After each test, the candidates are provided with a detailed analysis report to highlight their respective strong and weak concepts.

  • Personal Mentors and Doubt Clearing Sessions

Personal mentors are provided to every student to let them clear their doubts at the earliest. The students need not pile up their doubts and can clear them easily from their mentors. The mentors also provide additional tips and counsel the students to keep them engaged with learning.

With these features, Byju’s app has been effectively making the students enjoy chemistry and learn the topics more efficiently. The app has been revolutionizing the edtech sector and several students are learning and improving the learning experience. To know more about Byju’s- The Learning App, check the video given below.

Byjus app
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