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Updated on: October 28, 2019

The common people know blockchain as a technology behind cryptocurrency but the scope of blockchain technology is larger than that. Here, people from healthcare, manufacturing and other industries are trying this advanced technology to improve their productivity and get better outputs. While blockchain being a nascent technology has a lot to offer to users, people are going crazy to know more and more about it. To fulfill the requirement many institutes and online courses providers are offering online courses to cover advanced topics related to blockchain technology. In this article, we have discussed top 3 online courses you can enroll for free to get in-depth knowledge about blockchain technology.

Benefits of Online Blockchain Courses

  • It offers comprehensive knowledge about latest trends and future of blockchain technology.
  • It is primarily useful for working professionals where they can cover all important topics with a suitable time frame.
  • It gives you exposure to the latest and sustainable blockchain technology that is going to change the scope of common working.
  • Above all these courses are free!

IBM Blockchain Essentials:

This comprehensive course offers you detailed information about all blockchain essentials to help you face various business challenges. It offers a new approach to record and process transactions using blockchain technology. It covers important topics like blockchain and distributed ledger systems in a business environment and important concepts and key use cases of blockchain for business. Further, you will learn how you can transfer assets in a blockchain network using easy methods. It offers a basis for a dynamically shared ledger where you can use this information to save time for recording transactions and minimize risks of tampering and fraud. You can enroll in this course to learn about blockchain for business and how blockchain technology adds value to it.

Source: ibm.onthehub

edX Blockchain & Cryptography Courses:

Take this free online blockchain course to learn about blockchain benefits for business and use cases of hyper ledger blockchain frameworks. This course is compiled meticulously to give knowledge about blockchain, cryptography and Hyperledger technologies from The Linux Foundation. This course is designed to cover core business uses and benefits to users for both technical and nontechnical audiences. It covers basic concepts of blockchain and hyper ledger and gives insights about various enterprise applications. It offers information about current hyper ledger projects and even helps you to implement basic blockchains. For advanced users, it gives an opportunity to work with enterprise-ready Hyperledger blockchain frameworks. This 8-week online course is available for free and open for anyone to enroll.

EdX Blockcahin Course Free

Source: pinterest

Coursera Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies:

This simplified yet the effective course is designed to offer you most in-depth knowledge about bitcoin technology. It covers all important aspects of bitcoin technology including how it works and future of it. It offers an introduction to cryptocurrency and cryptographic building blocks and reason about their security. It further discusses how bitcoin achieves decentralization and its mechanism. For more detail information, it offers knowledge about mechanics of bitcoin where it covers different bitcoin protocols and how to store and use bitcoins.

Coursera Cryptocurrencies Course

Source: samearticles

Here, it covers various ways of storing bitcoin keys, different types of services and security measures. It even talks about bitcoin mining in detail including information on how mining is done, who are the miners, what’s the business model etc. In addition to that, it covers topics like bitcoin and anonymity, community, politics and regulations, alternative mining puzzles, bitcoin as a platform, altcoins & cryptocurrency ecosystem, the future or bitcoin and more.

Conclusion: With increasing footprints of blockchain technology across various industries and fields, it sounds interesting people are more and more interested to know about this nascent technology. Here, online courses for blockchain technology is helping users know in-depth knowledge of this useful technology. It is also preparing industry professionals for blockchain technology to fulfill long-term needs.


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