Best Laptop Brand in India 2012

Updated on: August 29, 2020

There are countless laptop brands like Hp, Dell, Sony Vaio that are available in the market and they all have something different and thus, these laptops are giving each other strong competition as well. I’m sure of one thing and that is, laptops will never go out of fashion as they are stylish and the utility quotient is also very high. Let’s go by the various categories of laptops that are present and  find out the best laptop brand in India 2012.

Gaming Laptop Alienware M18x

Gaming Laptop Alienware M18x

Gaming laptop

There is just one brand that comes to my mind when gaming laptops are mentioned and that is Alienware as they have the best range of gaming laptops. The laptops that they have fit different segments of gamers and also they are filled with all the latest features. There are other brands that give stringent competition to Alienware, but they been unsuccessful in beating it till now.

Best gaming laptop: Alienware M18x | Approx. Price Tag : $1,929.00  |  INR 92,700

entertainment laptop sony-vaio-z

entertainment laptop sony-vaio-z

Entertainment laptop

When it comes to entertainment laptops Sony VAIO is indisputably the best brand that you need to watch out for in 2012. The laptops that are designed by Sony are stunning to look at and they have all the necessary features that make them just perfect for the purpose of entertainment. The displays, speakers and other features of the laptops that are manufactured by this brand are integrated keeping in mind the special needs that customers have and thus they come out with the best models. Also, Sony seems to know that since they are manufacturing entertainment laptops, the external appearance of the laptop is extremely important and thus their laptops are available in a spray of colors and textures.

Best entertainment laptop: Sony VAIO Z  | Approx. Price Tag : $2,329.00  |  INR 97,000

Apple Macbook air

Apple Macbook air

Best Laptop for College goers

There is a tie in this category as there are two equally good brands that suit college goers. Just that the laptops from Apple  are slightly expensive than Dell.


Dell has a great range of laptops that are perfectly suited for college goers. These laptops have all the features that are necessary for students, are not excessively heavy and that adds to their portability and most importantly, the laptops are available in different colors and finishes and you can also customize it with skinit. One of the main reasons behind Dell being a brand that is suitable for students as the laptops are cheaper than the other laptops with similar features that are available in the market. The main reason behind the reasonable pricing of the laptops is that the company indulges in direct selling.


Apple is only a classic brand for those who are looking to get themselves a good laptop and are who do not have a budget problem. The laptops of Apple are the best for mobile computing. Also, their innovations are all very user friendly and the laptops that are manufactured by them are all very versatile and are just perfect for office use and home use as well.

Best Apple laptop for college goers: Macbook Air | Approx. Price Tag : $1,546.00  |  INR 81,900

So these are the best laptops to buy inIndiain 2012. These brands have a lot to offer in terms of beauty and features and it needs to be seen if they come out with any new models this year.

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entertainment laptop sony-vaio-z
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