KGB Archiver High File Compression & Decompression Utility

Updated on: January 12, 2019

Most of use are familiar with Compression utilities like Win-Zip,WinRar,7-zip and many more,the beauty of this utilities is nor only reduce your data size but also keep its actual data representation.Mostly we use such compression utilities to send Large File online by making it in  small using compression.Compression utilities play crucial   role when you dealing with images or multimedia data,that time they give you optimal result.But when you dealing with some .exe or and system  files that time your compression rate is not good as we want.

So to make data compression highly reliable and optimistic today I am going to tell you about "KGB Archiver"Utility,It is a software program like winrar,winzip which also compress your data but in very high tendency.KGB Archiver is the best compressing and decompressing tool with incredible high compression rate.It has better compression rate then UHARC and 7zip.

It is the best free compressing tool in the market.Mostly it require good hardware to perform reliably. The advantage of KGB Archive  is,it also uses AES-256(Advance Encryption Standard ) encryption which is one of the best encryptions standard. Fewer  antivirus and anti spyware programs flag KGB Archive as infected or malware, which is  very incorrect due to heuristics or because of incorrect virus signature in their  database.

KGB Archiver Features :

  • Multilanguage support
  • Up to 10% faster compression and decompression then others.
  • Now SFX archives run on any Windows or Linux
  • Use AES for Encryption
  • Windows Explorer shell extension
  • Make very Small Size of any large File

How to Compress:

1.Open the KGB Archiver program.

2.Choose Compress files from the options and click Next >

3.On the next window, you can change the directory location where you want to put the file, give a name to your new archive and add file(s) or directory. Press the Next > button when you finish.

4.The program will then create the archive file for you and show a dialog box with some information when it has finish.


How to Decompress:

1.Open the KGB Archiver program.

2.Choose Decompress files from the options and click Next >.

3.On the next window, choose your archive file and directory location where you want to put the file(s). You can extract all files on the archive by unchecking the Choose files to decompress option or extract selected file by checking the option and select the file(s).



You can Check this video also:

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Download KGB Archive

You can't believe that Windows 7 is compress using KGB is of 9MB SIZE, you can download it Here

Note: This is best tool to send Large file via Email, This Software is in Beta ,If you encounter any problem please report or simply drop your comment below.

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  1. can't install the kgb archive 2 beta version. every time i try to install, it says some component is missing to run this program. plz help !!

  2. don't be full i know this damn archiver will compress highly but when you decompress first it will take 20 or nearly HOURS!!!! and when you finally managed to do it " bingo it will be corrupted..

    have a nice day you have been fooled :p

    1. Hi Code_father, Im really sorry about your experiance, but I personally used it and didnt faced any error.
      Look like you might did changes in files when it was archiving or operation was not completed successfully.

      Good day !

  3. when i click to next button it ask me to insert password .. what i do now its not working.. somebody help me please...

  4. hey after decompressing he say BROKEN ARCHIVE What happen... all kind of kbg file when the last time to finish he say BROKEN ARCHIVE what to do????

    1. Hi TYL it happens many time with earlier version of windows as KGB is not working seamlessly on Windows Platform after XP. I suggest dont use it for compressing major data

    1. You need to increase your GPU, CPU and RAM capacity of a machine. KGB archive uses a very complex algorithm. It takes times to decode and it can be controlled from Machine capacity

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