The key reasons to choose apple Mountain Lion Operating system

Updated on: May 18, 2013

Apple is one of the largest technology related companies. Their products are guaranteed for quality. Apple has produced wonderful and eye-catching products. One of Apple’s great products is Apple mountain lion operating system. It is made for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac. The feature of iMessages is simply amazing. With iCloud the world is yours.



It maintains your contacts, mail, calendar, notes, reminders, documents up to date. It makes your Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod work jointly. When you erase, add or update something on Mac the changes also happens on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and vice versa. You have not to worry about anything. iCoud can do it automatically with care and simplicity. Sign in with your Apple ID and iCloud will be functional for all your applications.

icloud Mac-OS-X-Mountain-Lion

Notes and reminders

You can add and edit your notes as you like. You can add photos and other attachments. You can delete and edit and search in the way you like. Notes work with iCloud. As you make changes in your notes in Mac it will automatically be changed to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You can also use a feature of reminder. With reminders you can remind your important meetings and due dates. Reminders also work with iCloud. So nothing to worry about iCloud will automatically update all other linked devices.



You can now send messages to anyone using iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iMessage. You have now the option to message from your Mac or any other device. Share videos, images, contacts and documents. You have now ability to send the message to a group. You can examine someone typing and your messages send notification.



Notification area is now available for email, message, calendar and software alerts. This makes you up to date and an easy access to all this stuff. It appears on your desktop and after some time disappears.


Power Nap and dictation

When your Mac is in sleep mode it still works with Power Nap. It updates your mail, messages, notes, documents, reminders, in cloud. Now you can talk and your words become text. This is an amazing new feature. Dictation makes you more comfortable. Now there is no need to write the text. Use your dictation tool.


Game center

With the help of Game center application you can play games on Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Make your Game center account with the help of Apple ID and enjoy unlimited games. You can even play with your friends and can challenge other people.

Facebook Mountain Lion Integration


Apple mountain lion operating system is friendly to your favorite social networking websites like Facebook. You can share, add photos and update your status with more ease. When your friends update their status then it will automatically be updated on your Mac.

Overall Apple mountain lion operating system is user friendly and has some incredible features. This is one of the best operating systems ever made.

UPDATE:  Mountain Lion is available for download for 19.99$.You can purchase it from Mac App Store. If you purchased any apple  product like iMac, MacBook Pro MacBook Air etc. Between June 11 - July 25  in 2012 then claim your free Mountain Lion Copy before August 24, 2012.

If you purchase it on or after 26 July, 2012 then do claim  your free copy within 30 days . You will get mountain lion update very soon

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