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5 Tips to Make ISC CISSP Certification Exam Prep Effective

The ISC CISSP certification is one of the most respected and recognized information credentials in the world. The reason for this is not far-fetched, especially if one takes a cursory look at all it entails to earn this certificate. First is the length and duration of the exam. The CISSP certification exam is made up of 250 questions with six hours testing duration. The examination covers a wide range of topics that span the eight domains of the ISC CISSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK). There is no doubt that the certification test is one of the most rigorous and most challenging exams to pass. Of course, it is not just anybody that can sit for it. To be able to write the exam and get certified, you need a minimum of five years’ work experience. The certification is design to validate the candidate’s expertise in designing, engineering, implementing, and running an information security program. If you are into information security, this credential is the right one for you. It has the potential to change your career in ways you never imagined.

Although the ISC CISSP certification exam is rigorous and tedious, with the right preparation and materials, you can be certain of passing the exam. To help you in your journey to achieving success in your test, we have put together some tips that will make the process smooth and effective for you. Below are some of the tips& tricks that will help you in your exam preparation:

This is the first step towards your success in the examination. It is very important that you know the challenging task that is ahead of you. Visit the ISC website to know the basic information on the certification exam. While you are on the site, you will come across some links to different useful information that will help you in preparing for the test. Some of the links you need to look out for include exam topics, official training providers, study materials, and practice tests. You will also find the official exam guide which contains essential information like an overview of the CISSP examination, the prerequisite for writing this test, types, and numbers of questions, the passing mark, and the duration of the exam. The website also offers detailed information on the different topics covered in the exam, and the percentage of questions devoted to each topic. This will ultimately help you in putting together your study plan.

There are eight different domains in the CISSP common body of knowledge, and they cover wide varieties of subject areas. It is important that you create enough time to read through the entire CBK. While going through the CBK, you should study, complete the mock exams, review areas that you need improvement, and visit forums online to gain more insight. This is definitely a whole lot of tasks to complete, and without proper planning, the possibility of doing everything drastically reduces, and your chance of passing the exam drops. You, therefore, need to develop a study plan that suits your schedule.

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When you want to put your curriculum together, it is crucial that you take into consideration the following factors:

The CISSP currently has a strong online community where candidates come together to share ideas. Even if you do not know of any, just go through Google and you will be amazed at the huge number of forums that will come up. When it comes to getting information from online community, it is very critical to verify the credibility of the source. Whatever information you found online, it is important that you cross check it in any official material, such as official publications, books, and other guidelines. There are many candidates that share their experiences and ideas online. Go through these posts, ask questions, and share your ideas to have a well-rounded idea about the examination.

It is highly recommended that you sign up for an exam prep course. Opting for a self-study approach might be a good idea but it is usually not the best approach. You need to understand that passing a certification exam requires deep knowledge of several topics and the determination to rely only on your own idea is not the best. Taking an exam prep course will expose you to different definitions and ideas about certain topics which you may not ordinarily have access to. When you go through a certification training course, you have access to experienced instructors who have the knowledge and insight into what you need to pass the exam. Exam prep course gives you the opportunity to have all your questions answered, network with other candidates, and share strategies and experiences with others.

You should never sit for the CISSP exam without taking the practice questions. The certification exam contains 250 questions, and you need to answer all within a period of 6 hours. This means you need to manage your time optimally, as well as control stress. Really, answering 250 questions in 6 hours is not an easy task because what it means is that you have about 1.44 minutes to answer each question. You, therefore, need to be familiar with the question pattern and have ample understanding about each of the topics. The best way to do this is to take a practice exam. PrepAway Practice exam exposes you to past questions and exam simulations that help you to have a general idea of what to expect during the test. It is important to use the official ISC CISSP prep materials for your practice exam.

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