Top IP Logger Tools for Tracking Online Scammers Who Stole your Money

Updated on: May 20, 2024

Getting scammed online is a frustrating experience. If you've ever fallen victim to a phishing attempt or malicious link, you might be tempted to track down the culprit. While there's no guaranteed way to retrieve stolen funds or bring scammers to justice, IP logger tools can be a helpful first step to tracking online scammers. However, it's important to understand the ethical and legal implications before using them.

Recently my dad, a senior citizen, received a call from someone claiming to be an Axis Bank manager. The caller said that my dad's KYC (Know Your Customer) verification was overdue and threatened that his bank account would be closed if the verification wasn't completed immediately.

Whatsapp Scammer OTP KYC

Trusting the caller due to the urgency and the supposed authority, my dad shared the OTP (One-Time Password) sent to his phone. Unfortunately, this led to the scammer stealing ₹82,000 from his account. Realizing that he had been scammed, we quickly reported the incident to the cybercrime department. The case was taken seriously, and an investigation was initiated. However, the very next day, the same scammer dared to call back.

Turning the Tables

When the scammer called again, I answered the phone instead of my dad as we have similar voices. I pretended to be confused and told the scammer that I had received a message from the bank that I didn't understand, and asked him to check it on WhatsApp. I sent the scammer a message that included a tracking link created using an IP logging tool.

Fortunately, the scammer clicked on the link. This action allowed me to capture his exact IP address and location using the IP logger tool. This crucial piece of evidence was immediately shared with the Cybercrime Police.

Investigation in Progress

With the IP address information in hand, the cybercrime department now had a significant lead to track down the scammer. The case is currently under investigation, and we're hopeful that the authorities will be able to apprehend the culprit soon.

IP Tracking of online scammer

Lessons Learned

This experience taught us the importance of being cautious and skeptical of unidentified calls, especially those requesting sensitive information. It also highlighted the potential of using technology smartly to turn the tables on scammers. The IP address we obtained has become a vital piece of evidence in our fight to bring the scammer to justice.

What are IP Loggers and How Do They Work?

IP loggers are services that create shortened URLs. When someone clicks on this shortened URL, they're unknowingly directed through a server that captures their IP address. This IP address can then be used to trace the general location of the user's device.

Important Considerations Before Using IP Loggers

  • Legality: In some regions, using IP loggers without consent may violate privacy laws. Be sure to check the legality in your area before using one.
  • Accuracy: IP addresses can sometimes be misleading, pointing to a general location like a city or internet service provider (ISP) rather than the exact origin of the scam. Scammers may use VPN services.
  • Limited Information: Even with an IP address, it can be very difficult to identify the person behind the scam.

Top IP Logger Tools (Use with Caution)

  1. IP Logger (
  • Features: Offers URL shortening, IP address tracking, location tracking (including city and sometimes GPS coordinates), and visitor information like browser and device type.
  • How to Use: Create an account, paste your original URL, and customize the shortened link. Share the shortened link where you suspect the scammer might find it.
  1. Grabify (
  • Features: Similar to IP Logger, Grabify provides URL shortening, IP tracking, location data, and visitor information. It also offers screenshots and advanced analytics for paying users.
  • How to Use: Create an account, shorten your URL, and share the shortened link. Track clicks and view visitor data on your Grabify dashboard.


Using IP loggers is not a foolproof way to catch a scammer. It should be used with caution and with an understanding of the legal and ethical considerations. If you have been the victim of a scam, it's important to report it to the appropriate authorities.


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