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Updated on: May 18, 2013

Now a days email's are major part of communication media, managing all your emails  is one of the challenging task.As a web 2.0 &  social media is growing rapidly we face lots of issue w.r.t emails.Newsletters, press releases & email news etc. flooding our inboxes as well as decreasing our readability. Spamming of emails increase drastically, It's one of the strange thing that we really want to get rid of  :).Yes it's not possible for us to click on each and every unsubscribe link of newsletters, bulk emails etc. Time is money for us & hence we know where to utilize it ! Stop email spamming


I am also a victim of email bombers who are not only eating my inbox size but also utilizing my precious time. Thousands of emails are hitting in a day is really annoying situation for us, which is really pathetic 🙁 But the major concern  is how to avoid it ? is their is any magic wind ? Yes I found one 'Smart' service which really help you to  stop such kind of  nonsense activities.

Unroll.Me Unsubscribe Emails Easily is a SMART application service especially designed to kill unwanted email subscriptions  from your is a small start-up company who started their product with beta version. Believe me very soon we will see a viral influence of this  service. Imagine a proud movement when you will do a neat & clean task of inbox with few clicks 😀 According to my information is first mass email unsubscribing service till date.

How work:

1. need  accesses to your email inbox, if granted then their bot will  crawl your inbox to identify all of your newsletters and subscriptions. After finding result set it will present you all the list in proper and stylish format like below.Then you can easily perform mass newsletters unsubscribing with few clicks. Subscribe list

2. The Rollup: If you want to keep some newsletter services & want only digest of those services instead of long emails then  included 'Rollup' option which enable you to add your email subscription into single daily email i.e you will get only one email containing  message digest of various newsletter service that you want to keep. Rollup help you to reduce your inbox  navigation. The Rollup

3. Delivery: This option of help us to schedule the delivery of your roll-up list,  you can schedule roll-up list to get email on particular time of day i.e Morning, Afternoon or Evening etc Rollup Delivery setting

 More things about

1. is in beta versions & not open for public only for invited peoples

2. also support Recommendation option from which you can easily create your list of interest. Recommended

3. is in beta so it may not be a perfect, your email data is secure.Very soon they will add OAuth support.

4. is compatible  with only Gmail, MSN, Yahoo and AOL  services.,other services may be added in future.It also support 'Google Apps'.

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Get free invites:

If you really want to explore this amazing service which reduce you work & time, only 10 invitation of are available  which will serve as First Come First Serve Basis. to get it  simply follow these steps:

1. Like us on Facebook and Share this post on Facebook.

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3. Subscribe for our newsletter from sidebar( We will not Spam you 🙂 ).

4. Put a comment below about "why you need" with your Email Id (recommended Gmail ID)

Conclusion: Unroll.Me takes a very different approach for Unsubscribe service, it's a very easy and simple service with rich user interface.If you will get a chance to explore it then share your review and improvement about so that It will become more robust  service.
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