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Install Clipchamp video editor for Mac OS

Install Clipchamp video editor for Mac OS

Clipchamp is one of the most widely used video editors across different devices. Before, it was available for Windows only, but it's now accessible to Mac OS and iOS users. In this article, I will show you how to install Clipchamp video editor for Mac OS in simple, easy steps. I will also share crucial information you need to know before installing the desktop app.

The app allows you to create and edit video clips for various platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Social media ads, Slideshows, Gaming, Text overlays, TikTok drafts, Meme videos, etc. In short, you can use Clipchamp for fun and professionally for your business or organization.

Why should you install Clipchamp video editor for Mac OS?

Before installing Clipchamp on your Mac, it would be good if you knew some important information about the app. For example, you need to know about its features, packages, pricing, and pros and cons.

Features - Clipchamp

There are quite a number of stunning Clipchamp features that will catch your eye. Here is a list of some:

Pricing and packages

Clipchamp has two pricing plans: free and premium. The free package is ideal for beginners or individuals who want to use the tool for non-professional ideas. The premium one is the best for everyday editors who want both pro features and pro results. The table below shows some of the prominent features of the two Clipchamp plans:

Features Free Premium
Export resolution You can export a video of up to 1080p High Definition. You can export a video of up to 4K Ultra High Definition
Stock images/videos Basic free stock Premium stock images, videos, and audio
Watermark No watermark unless you are using features not included in the plan No watermark in all exported videos
Effects and filters Free of charge Premium filters and effects

As of the time of publishing this article, the cost for the Clipchamp premium is $13 per month, but you can opt to pay yearly and get a discount.

Can Clipchamp work on Macs?

Yes, Clipchamp works on MacOS devices, including laptops and desktop computers. You can simply download it on your Mac or access it on browsers like Safari, Chrome, Edge, etc. For Clipchamp to work well on your device, we recommend the following:

How to install Clipchamp video editor for Mac OS

To download and install the Clipchamp video editor for Mac OS, follow the simple steps below:

Alternatively, you can go directly to the Mac App Store and search for Clipchamp. Click Get and follow the on-screen directions to complete the process.

Microsoft recommends at least 8GB of RAM, a 64-bit computer, and sufficient storage memory to run the Clipchamp desktop app on Mac OS.

Recently, Clipchamp added the Auto Compose feature, which allows users to create video clips automatically using the media they upload. Other recent features include asset analysis, seamless transition, intelligent scene selection, dynamic music selection, and great customization options.

We hope you are now able to install Clipchamp video editor for Mac OS and enjoy its features. Feel free to leave us a message in the comment section.

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