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InsightSearch: Super & Ultra Fast Windows Desktop Base Search Utility

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In todays world of technology many peoples are consuming lots of e-data in their  PC/Laptop,most of times our  data is in unsorted(scattered) form.When we  want any  file/application  from  windows storage basically we  used the Windows Search package  which is  by default provided from Windows platform. Though it give you assure result,it lag with performance and speed of processing which is not a good computing in todays age.

So to get access to files and folders in windows environment quickly we must optimize the searching algorithm and system behavior.If your are the developer then look forward to it  🙂 ,otherwise forget all the technical things and just go ahead with one of the best tool called “InsightSearch” ,a windows desktop  search utility which enable you to get your data from storage with 10X  faster than traditional windows search.

InsightSearch is not only light-weighted ,super fast utility for system search but also help you to search your queries online.I mostly like Sorting of data in InsightSearch.It’s also  an application developed to swiftly search the files by applying many file specific conditions and filters which are not supported by Windows  search or require special knowledge to apply them.InsightSearch is small digital clock widget  at the top center of the screen. To initiate search, just hover you mouse pointer over it. First off, you need to index drives which are to searched for files and folders. Indexing takes hardly some seconds to finish.

I am sharing some  snap of  InsightSearch which will give you an idea about it.

Download InsightSearch for your desktop PC Now.

  • Selecting Your HDD drives in InsightSearch:












  • Searching Files and preview of result in InsightSearch
















  • Searching and Playing Music in InsightSearch:
















  • Insight Quicklaunch Settings to launch application in 1-click








Note: It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

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