Insane Sci­Fi Inventions: Infographics

December 11, 2013

One of the main reasons we love science fiction so much is because the characters in the films and books often use devices that we can dream about owning in the future.

However, while we often get disappointed that the future has not quite turned out how it was supposed to according to the films, the truth is that we should stop complaining because many of the devices that have caught our imaginations over the years are already here.


Hover boards, universal translators, and even Wolverine's indestructible metal claws are slowly moving from science fiction into the realms of science fact. While smartphones and tablets are a highly visible reminder of the technological developments of our age, the less-well-known inventions are giving the sci­fi films  a run for their money.

So what are these fabulous inventions that you always wanted to exist but until now didn't realise had become reality? The following infographic contains some of the most exciting recent inventions that have been devised.

11 Insane Sci­Fi Inventions You Never Knew Existed


So stop complaining about not having all those gadgets promised in sci-fi films of the past. Because the future is now, and it might not be long before your wildest science fiction dreams come true.

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Saurabh Mukhekar
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